Melbourne Royal Show 2008 Melbourne Royal Show 2008 Furrballz Batchelor Boy & Dom with their 'slaves' Batch and Dom worked their magic over the crowd again this year while doing pat-a-cat 15007108 Terri-Ann and Furrballz Batchelor Boy A pic of Terri-Ann with one of the cats she has bred, Gd Ch Furrballz Batchelor Boy 15007109 Batch and Gremlin Batch made a lovely rug for one of Devon show neuters, Gremlin 15007091 Batch with friends Batch got a cuddle with a couple of on-line friends from a cat related forum I am on 15007110 Is he real? Yup! Most asked question...and yes, he IS asleep!! 15007092 Huh!? ...With occasional waking breaks from the sleeping. Dom is an amazing cat with an unflappable temperament. He REALLY thinks he IS a Ragdoll! 15007111 Batch massage! Batch loved being massaged by all his slaves! lol 15007112 Mia sunning herself Mia the Devon Rex found a lovely sunny spot in the afternoons 15007093 ..and getting a pat! Mia also loved the attention from the public. SUCH a hardship ... but someone's got to do it! 15007113 Dom surveying his public A rare time of being awake!! lol 15007114 Batch on a break During the times the cats werent being adored by the public...and when we needed a break, they had cosy little enclosures to go and rest in, similar to a show cage at a cat show. We ensure they have food, water and a litter tray in there 15007115 Batch and Dom Here are the 2 stars on display! lol 15007094 Flat out working... Yup...its a hard life lying there getting patted and fussed over all day! 15007116 still flat out ....more adoring public 15007117 Asleep??? Yup! Again! Asleep !! lol 15007118