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About Us...

We are Terri-Ann, Peter and our children. A small family-run breeding cattery, now situated in the gorgeous hills of South Gippsland. We have 4 gorgeous children between us, one that lives full-time with us. Taylah-Ann is a terrific help with the cats, both in the day-to-day feeding of them and in the kitten raising and handling.
We started breeding and showing cats in 1998 and are proudly registered and involved with The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and Victoria (GCCFV) who are affiliates of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF). I would highly recommend them if you are looking to show your cat, pedigreed or not!
We have bred other breeds previously. British Shorthairs, concentrating on the pointed variety and specialising in the lilac and chocolate colours, Scottish Folds and Burmese. Unfortunately for these breeds, the Ragdoll has stayed firmly in our hearts and is the chosen breed we are concentrating on at the moment.
We do have other animals in our four-footed side of the family. 
Our first canine member of Furrballz was Chippy (our lovely Blue-White Border Collie, Chippy that was campaigned in the show ring, obedience ring as well as a trained Pets for Therapy dog. He was our guard dog, family companion and main kitten socialisation tool, and is missed greatly) Chippy welcomed the first of our Greyhound pets that we had, Bobby, a Blue and White boy. He had never met a cat until he came to live with us. His picture is still our signature ambassador pic for our cattery. Bobby sadly had spleen cancer and passed away with us by his side, in October 2012. Very much missed.
We also added a Black/White Greyhound puppy soon after Chippys passing, a 
Black and White Greyhound that was in need of a home. Angel came to us at the young age of 6wks old, and was a much loved member of the family. Sadly Angel left us at the lovely old age of 11 in January 2017. 
Now our loved family dogs are a an Italian Greyhound called Valy, who was welcomed into our family in 2013. Valy was bred by Shantaliah in NSW, we HIGHLY recommend Claire and her babies as well adjusted and forward Iggys!
The newest canine to our family, is Arlo, a Black Tri Coloured Australian Shepherd, bred by Gayle Knowles of Mainstreet Shepherd. He is a total goof-ball and lovable rascal :)
Bobby and 'his' kittens

 Angel and Valy 

We have previously bred 2 horses, an Arab/Appaloosa Mare, Milly and her Chestnut 1/2 brother Banner. Due to financial changes in our household, we had to find a new home for these 2 gorgeous horses. I am happy they went to a wonderful home together where we can go and visit occasionally. 
Since moving onto our own property, we have added another horse the family, Dezi, a gorgeous Chestnut Roan Quarter Horse that I have been doing alot of Western riding with :)

All of our animals are treated as part of the family...tho the horses weren't allowed on the couch! 
We believe we have the best of all worlds with our family and our animals. We trust you will enjoy looking thru our website and we encourage you to email or phone us with any questions or comments.




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