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RIP Dble Gd Ch Pn Dom Perignon

Not long after we moved to Dandenong from Croydon, I happened to go cat toy shopping with a group of like-minded friends from an on-line forum I frequent, Cat-World.

On the very last stop, we were assulted by the CUTEST and tiniest kittens, mostly red and red & white shorthair domestics, that had been dropped-off...err...dumped, at the shop as they do take on unwanted kittens to be re-homed once all the vet work was done. As these ones were 'fresh' and they knew I would do all the vet-work asap, I was told I could take one if I wanted.

So I rung home to talk to the family... the kids and I were able to wear down the husband, and I chose a little red tabby domestic.

He was a very CUTE little bundle of fluff and quickly had us all wrapped around our paws... including the Ragdoll kittens we raised him with!!

Even our two Greyhounds loved him, especially angel who was still a big puppy!!


 Dom had a VERY full show career, too... until his love of FOOD stopped his continuance on the show bench!! lol

Sadly Dom was diagnosed with Lymphoma at the tender age of 7yo, and at the end, he showed us when it was his time. 
His presence will always be felt here at Furrballz, and his quirky affectionate nature is sadly missed.


Terri-Ann's Graduation 14th April 2010

After the long, hard slog of going back to study after a 22 year break, Terri-Ann had her Graduation ceremony to celebrate her achievement of attaining the Advanced Diploma of Accounting at Chisholm.

This achievement was celebrated with some of Terri-Ann's biggest supporters through her study, her Husband, Father, Aunt, her 3 Children and her eldest son's Girlfriend. 

CAV Inc Cat of the Year Results 2008

On Sunday the 18th of January, the Cavalogies (Cat of the Year Awards) was held at the gorgeous Sandown Regency in Noble Park.
We were served a beautifully prepared and made 2 course meal as well as enjoy our fellow Cat Breeders and Show goers company in a much less busy setting!
As Peter and I are usually 'workers' at the shows, we dont usually get a large amount of time to socialise, so we look forward to times like this where we can chat and catch up with those we dont always have the tme to do during the showing year.

This past year, as I am still studying towards my Advanced Accounting Diploma at TAFE, (I will be graduating by the end of this year, 2009) we had not been able to attend the shows we would have liked to with our cats, so we did not expect any of our cats to be very competitive this year in the Cat of the Year. We were correct in this assumption! lol tho we did applaud those that did go away with the 'logie' or runner-up of the year.

One thing that DID surprise us was more personal Awards we were given on this day, in recognition of our loyalty, hard work & service to CAVInc over the past 9-10yrs as members and committee members.

It was announced that I as Furrballz Ragdolls, was awarded GROUP 1 CAV BREEDER OF THE YEAR 2008!!!
Here I am pictured below with my certificate and one of my 'trophies'

Peter and I were also given appreciation certificates for the work we do for CAVInc, and the BIGGEST surprise of all (that made me cry at the announcement) was that we were also made LIFE MEMBERS OF CAVINC!!!

Our 9yo daughter Taylah-Ann was awarded JUNIOR QUIET ACHEIVER
and Peter was also awarded CAV STEWARD OF THE YEAR

2008 Royal Melbourne Show Results

This years Royal Melbourne show was going to be a busy one for us as we attending mainly for the Whiskas Pat-a-cat section, like last year!
We were planning on bringing about 2-3 cats a day to the pat-a-cat part, one of our domestics, one of our devon rex neuter's and of course, one of our Ragdolls. In addition to this, we had 3 cats attending the actual showing part during the first weekend of the Royal.

The Judges for the three days of Judging were Rossy Roberts-Thomson (ACF-Tas) and Don Finger (ACFA-USA)

The first section, on Friday the 19th of September, to be judged was Group 3, and peter had his Devon Rex neuter girl entered, Mia. Mia's Breeders also had some of their cats entered on that day, so as it usually is, it was a lovely day out catching up with alot of people!
Mia did quite well in her section, getting Best of Breed in both rings and then getting 4th in Group against all the desexed cats in this Group!
Mia is pictured below doing a stint in the pat-a-cat section on a different day to her breed show competition.

On Saturday the 20th of September, it was PN Karmic Klinger's turn! Our Blue/Cream and white boy did very well, getting Reserve Adult Domestic in both Rings and third over all out of 10 cats, in both rings.
Klinger is pictured with Don Finger and Rossy Roberts-Thomson

On the Sunday the 21st of September, it was time for the Longhairs to be judged! We entered Ch Furrballz Majik Bella, a Blue/Cream Point Ragdoll that we have bred ourselves.
To be honest, I didnt think I would have a cat that would be as competitive as needed for the day, as she has been calling for awhile before the show, and due to the Royal coming up, I hadnt mated her, so her condition wasnt the overall best.
Bella behaved herself very well for the judges, but it was as I thought, and she was outclassed by better cats on the day.
Below she is pictured getting judged by Don Finger and Rossy Roberts-Thomson.

CAV inc Show 9th March '08 Results!

We took along 6 cats to this show. Our 2 domestics, Dom and Klinger as well as Peters 2 Devon Rex Neuters, Mia and Gremlin and we also took our new Stud Roane and one of our girls that we havent shown before, Missy.

In Group 3, Gremlin shocked us all by BEATING Mia in one ring. We believe this is due to his good coat, as Mia has better 'type' but less coat.

In Group 1, Roane was seen as having alot of promise by Judge Ian Rivett, altho Margret Bush of WA withheld his Challenge due to his miss-marking. It is interesting to note that we knew Roane wasnt 'show marked' or top show quality, so we didnt take any issue with one Judges opinion over the other as  this just illustrates the difference of opinion you can get with cat showing.
Missy also received some quality remarks about her size and boning, as well as her 'chattiness' LOL.

In Group 4, Dom received his challenges and placed Best Adult in one ring and Reserve in the other.
Klinger ...our little man in women's clothes...astounded us by winning BEST in Group 4 against all Adults AND Kittens!!

We MUST be Suckers...

As the title says...we must be suckers cause we have done it again!
Last week it came to my attention that there was a couple of kittens that were in a local Pet shop. Not that unusual I hear you say...but what IS unusual is that the male of the 2 kittens is the same as his Sister, a Blue/Cream with white tortoiseshell!! While this happens occasionally, it is not a very usual occurance at all.
We decided to get these little ones, as they were getting 'older' in the pet shop and had been discounted already. Myself and the kids decided to adopt them with a view to getting them desexed so if we did decide to re-home them they wouldnt contribute to the stray and unwanted pet population at least.
Now we have decided to keep the Boy and we have named him Karmic Klinger ... Klinger after the cross-dressing character in the series MASH! We are planning on benching him in the Group 4 (Household pet) section at shows, so make sure you come up and say Hi!

Both have been desexed and they are microchipped and vaccinated. The Vet estimates them to be around 14wks of age now (30th January '08)
The girl who we are calling Fortuna Faith...Faith for short, is available for adoption for a small adoption fee to cover the costs we have incurred with their vet work.

Faith has now found a new home and is enjoying her new 'parents' and 'siblings'
We also hope to see her on the show bench at some point, too!


On Sunday January the 13th 2008, The Cat Authority of Vic (Inc) held their Cat of the Year celebrations at a luncheon at the gorgeous Sorrento Hotel. This is now called the 'Cavologies' and the trophies were miniature logies! lol
As we havent been very active in the showing this past year due to my Accounting Studies, we didnt expect to have any of our cats to get anywhere in the placings. We were pleasantly surprised with our Group 4 Household pet, 'Dom Perignon' as he received RESERVE GROUP 4 ADULT!!!
Go Dom!!
Here are some pics of the gorgeous boy posing with his certificate and ribbon -

Exciting Breeding Direction Change!

Ever since I started Breeding Pedigreed cats I have always had a HUGE soft spot for the colours of Chocolate and Lilac and actually started breeding these cats in the British Shorthair in Points and Solids when I first started breeding, almost 10 years ago now.
Recently I have been given the opportunity to own a gorgeous Seal Bi-colour Stud that carries Chocolate (DNA tested).
We are pleased to announce that Rymadon Roane of the Sea will be shortly residing permanently here at Furrballz Ragdolls from Cottonwood Ragdolls, where he has been living. Roane isnt a complete stranger to us tho, as he was boarded here for a short time while Karen from Cottonwood was pregnant with her last daughter and unable to take a new cat on, so he should settle quickly into semi-familiar surroundings.

Sadly, with every exciting development, there can be a sad decision to be made.
We agonized over what to do as we dont want to be a large cattery at this point, and decided we could only care for 2 Studs correctly and made the decision (along with consultation with the original Breeder, Pearl from Cheznuthill Ragdolls) to move Bluey our Blue Bi-colour, onto a trusted friend and Breeder, Tracy from Catsville Cattery who already has a girl from us, India. Bluey has already settled well into his 5 star accommodation with Tracy and India, and we eagerly await Roane's arrival early in the New Year.

Last Shows for 2007

2008 has been a very busy year for us, mainly due to my TAFE studies, which will continue into 2008. Due to this commitment we are still not showing every month as we previously have, but have chosen the shows that are around a school break to ease the pressure a little. Below are the results for the last 2 shows we attended for 2007 with some of our cats.

CAV Christmas Show

Ch Furrballz Majik Bella (Bella) - Blue/cream Point Ragdoll
Received her Challenges in 2 out of 3 rings
Bella is now going to Mr Connor to get pregnant with her first litter, expected around March '08!!

PN Myruna Indra Satria (Gremlin) - Red Tabby Devon Rex
Received all of his Challenges in all 3 rings


PN Myruna Mia Umira (Mia) - Chocolate Tabby Bi-colour Devon Rex
Best Neuter in one ring under Sandra Weaver-Hall!


PN Dom Perignon (our household pet, or 'Moggy') also came with us to the show, but was deemed 'too fat' to compete strongly against the competition....its Ok Dom, we love you, fat and all!!!

Rosebud Pet and Pony Expo

Ch Furrballz Majik Bella (Bella) - Blue/cream Point Ragdoll
Placed 4th and 5th in Section in 2 out of 3 rings

PN Myruna Indra Satria (Gremlin) - Red Tabby Devon Rex
Placed 3rd in Group in 2 rings and 4th in another ring

PN Myruna Mia Umira (Mia) - Chocoalte Tabby Bi-colour Devon Rex
Best Devon Rex Nueter in ALL rings as well as a Judges Fancy under Keryn Rivett!

Exciting Times!!

Exciting things have been happening personally for me (Terri-Ann) all of this year ('07) and will go thru till the end of next year, 2008.
Before my gorgeous Mum died, she and Dad suggested that I go back to school and study so I could eventually end up working with Dad as an Accountant in his business. At the time, I had a job and didn't think it would 'gel' so we didn't give it much thought. After Mum died and I lost my job, after some time to recover, Dad again suggested I look into the schooling required and apply for the TAFE course.
So I did some homework on what would suit me the best, and went to a few Open days last year to chat to the people concerned and decide. I also decided that since it has been 21yrs since I was at school, I would look at the free course Chisholm TAFE has for orientating back to school and enjoyed myself greatly during the one day, 10 week course they hold. I applied for the Certificate 111 course and to my surprise, I was accepted in an early placement!!
Since February of this year, I have been attending TAFE and surprising myself most of all with mostly High Distinctions!! I will be continuing in the second half with the Diploma and the Advanced Diploma next year.
Due to this, we have taken a step back with our showing commitments so I can continue to concentrate on my studies. We will still be continuing with our breeding program.
So please be patient with my replying of emails as I may take a little longer than I used to due to my study commitments...I am sure you can understand!

2007 Royal Melbourne Show Results!

Due to my studies at TAFE, we have not been able to update this website as often or as in-depth as we usually like, so we have a few exciting things that have happened recently at Furrballz Ragdolls!
The first one is the new addition of 2 more furries. In June for our 9th Wedding Anniversary I was able to get 2 gorgeous Devon Rex Neuters for him to show in his name. They were 6mths old when we got them and they were bred by a lovely couple who have become very dear friends in a very short timeframe, Bill and Fiona Stokes...we HIGHLY recommend them and their cats!! You can find their website here -
Unfortunately for Hubby, Mia (Chocolate Tabby with White) and Gremlin (Red Tabby) have both decided that MY side of the bed is the best! lol ...I just say they have good taste!! hehehe

     Mia and Gremlin relaxing at home

We had a few cats entered in the Royal Melbourne Show this year, as it was during a Term break, and the results are below...
Dom Perignon, our Red Tabby Domestic didnt disgrace himself at all on the first day of the showing part on September 22nd. He received his challenges and  placed  4th twice and 5th once out of 7 cats.

On  Saturday the 23rd September, it was the Ragdolls turn and we had entered Bella, Stumpy's daughter. Bella  was entered in her first adult section, being only 2 days into it, and impressed us  greatly with the results under Kaaii Du Pleiss from Sth Africa who loved her sooo much he placed her BEST Adult in Group and 3rd overall!!!
He also placed Kare's little Blue Bi-colour boy (the one that was the only survivor in the premmie litter born this year) in the kitten class, very high up in the standings as well! Later when chatting with Kaaii, he said he was very impressed with the temperament and presentation of our cats!

On Sunday the 24th September, it was Peter's Devon's turn. They were also being shown for the first time in Adult class.  Mia was the star out of the 2 of them, again, Kaaii was the Judge that preferred our cats out of the 3 Judges. 
Gremlin (Red Tabby)
Under Mr. Alan Raymond - 1st in coat & texture
Under Mrs Cheryl Pollock - 1st in coat & texture, 8th top 10 Group 3 Desexed Cats
Under Kaii Duplessis - 1st coat & texture, 9th top 10 Group 3 Desexed Cats

Mia (Chocolate spotted tabby & White)
Under Mr. Alan Raymond - 1st in type, BEST Devon Rex and 9th top 10 Group 3 Desexed Cats
Under Mrs Cheryl Pollock - 1st in type, BEST Devon Rex and 4th top 10 Group 3 Desexed Cats
Under Kaii Duplessis - 1st in type, BEST Devon Rex and 5th top 10 Group 3 Desexed Cats

Thru most of the show, myself and Hubby were at the Whiskas Pat-a-cat Stand with Dommie and Batchelor Boy, who was kindly lent back to us from his owners, Liz and Simon. During this time, I was also asked to do some talks on the stage with the cats. Photos of our time at pat-a-cat are below -

Batch...flat out working the pat-a-cat stall!

Dom in his favourite position at pat-a-cat

Terri-Ann, Peter and Batch doing a Presentation

CAV May '06 Show Results

On Sunday, the 21st of May, was CAV's SHow for the month. We took 3 new kittens to the bench. 2 Ragdolls and our new domestic kitten.
Pips' girl that we had kept from her most recent litter, the seal point girl we call 'Angel', had some lovely things said about her promise by the judges, Ian and Keryn Rivett. The competition was a little hard for her on the day being one of the youngest on the bench, but she did get a Judges FancyAward!
Our latest Ragdoll addition, the gorgeous Blue Bi-colour future Stud Bluey, also had no shame in his performance, taking out the reserve kitten position under Ian Rivett!

And lastly, our domestic entry, the gorgeous 'Dommie' flew the flag and charmed his judges, Allie Bandman and Tracy Appleby to the point of winning first prize in the kitten section and then went on to beat the adults and the kittens in the domestic section! He worked the bench like a pro!! lol

Needless to say, we are all very excited here to see what these 3 will do at the ACF national in Geelong over the Queens Birthday Weekend next month.
Watch this space for further updates!

New Additions to Furrballz Ragdolls!

We are very excited to announce the new arrivals at Furrballz Ragdolls.
Thanks to Pearl at Chesnut Hill Ragdolls, we are getting a new future Stud, Blueberry. He is a Blue bi-colour boy and we are very much looking forward to watching him grow and become a great addition to our cattery.

One arrival isnt quite what some would think! I happened to go cat toy shopping with some friends  on the first of April '06.  Our last stop was a lovely little cat-themed gift shop that also does their best to rehome  unwanted kittens...so what did I come home with?? Yup  a little 6wk old red silver tabby moggie!
We have called him 'Dom' short for Dom Perignon and Dommie domestic! We will be showing him in the household pet section of the shows. He has all of us...including the dogs...wrapped around his little paws....as you can see below!


New Beginning with the New Year

Furrballs Ragdolls are on the move!!
We have moved!!
On the 4th/5th of March '06

We are now almost back to normal...with still A LOT of sorting and unpacking to do, we are now more or less, organised!
Please call us first for our new address if you are planning to come back & visit!
Our contact details have changed a little. Our Mobile is the best number to get us on as the local number could not be moved from the previous exchange.


Since my Mothers' untimely death (29th April 2005) from lung cancer, we have not been active in showing our cats.

On December the 11th 2005, we are returning to the show ring with our Stud, Purrdolls Mr Connor, to complete his title.
And we are pleased and delighted to announce he now is a Champion!!

Pictured here being Judged by Lesley Morgan Blythe December '05

All of us here at Furrballz Ragdolls would like to wish all that we have come into contact with, a Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year with your loved ones. We thank all of you that have helped us with support and compassion thru this past year of hardship with losing my Mother, and recently our Border Collie dog, Chippy.



Furrballz Lailah, Terri-Ann & Peter getting interviewed on nova Radio at the Royal Show

Terri-Ann, Stumpy, Peter & TV Celebrity Geoff Cox "Coxy"
at the Melbourne Royal 2009 when he & his lovely wife visited the Pat-a-Cat stand


September 17-27th 2009
Royal Showgrounds, Melbourne

RIP - Shezielson Major Blue Chip

What can I say about 12yrs of faithful service and friendship??
I searched for the right one...I didn't want the 'usual' Black and White....Noooo I wanted a red or chocolate and white! Your Brothers were red/white and it was them that I originally went to see...YOU had other ideas.
I sat on the grass surrounded by your siblings,black and white and red and white....you calmly pushed your way into my lap, curled up and went to sleep. It was then that the breeder mentioned your markings and colour (blue and white) made you the pick of the litter and was show quality. I wanted to know that I could do anything with you, be it show/breed or obedience trialling.
We picked you up at 8wks old and took you to obedience training every Saturday. I didn't have a car during the week and used to take you to the vets and up the street in the child seat on the back of my bike. You loved that. You would also come out with me to my horse and follow me and Sheikh around the paddocks and on our hacks. You never chased the horses or made a nuisance of yourself.
We had fun going to dog shows and obedience trials together...even at the Royal Show one year when I was heavily pregnant with my youngest son...I forgave your need to step out and look around the HUGE belly so you could see what I wanted you to do...we even learnt how to herd sheep together...sort of!! LOL
Another thing we did together was being an official Pets for Therapy dog. Visiting the aged homes and cancer wards in hospitals. The look on your face when we went in our first lift ride together was priceless!! The trust you had in me was what kept you from panicking.
My first marriage broke up...you stayed with me and the kids. I met a wonderful man...We got married...you got to be the ring bearer and showed everyone how proud you were to be included in our special day by doing everything really well, as usual.
We decided to start breeding cats...you took it all in your stride. After all...if you could cope with a ferret crawling around under your belly while on a down stay...what's a CAT going to do?? You became our number 1 cat tamer and an even more valued member of our breeding team. Many a time a timid cat or kitten would end up curled up around you because of your quiet and dignified ways with them.
Your main 'job' was to protect the backyard from all those pesky birds and possums that kept trying to infiltrate 'Your' backyard! Many a time I would go out the backyard and find more bird feathers from you literally pulling the offending bird out of the sky for trespassing over 'Your' backyard!!
In the last few weeks you have been very sick. You were hospitalised for pancreatitis and your intestines were found to be looking like they were thickened, querying cancer. Then you and your new 'brother' started scrapping over the head dog role...you had a series of abscesses, the last one on your hip resulting in an operation to clean it only last week. I nursed you and made sure you were comfortable, and it looked like we had almost beaten this and you were going to come good for at least a little bit.
Then you showed you really couldn't be bothered trying to move yourself, and you were lame for no real reason. The dead skin over your abscessed area fell off, leaving a gaping hole into your muscle...this was very painful and I needed to help you on and off the couch for your toilet breaks. Not once did you complain.
Today I noticed you had a swollen front paw...by this afternoon it was a back paw as well and the other back paw was looking like it was swelling, too. We also noticed more abscesses coming up spontaneously on your side, and solid lumps appearing on your ribcage. I dreaded that your time was near.
I rang your Vet and told her the new developments...she agreed it was likely your time and agreed to open the surgery for you on a Sunday. We all gathered there for you, so you wouldn't have to go alone. The vet said your body was now breaking down the proteins in your cells, causing the swelling in your feet. If left it would only spread to the rest of your body.
I didn't want that for you.
The needle went into your leg I was holding for the vet...you looked up at us strangely as you felt yourself going to sleep...I held you and told you it was Ok...5mins later you were unconscious.
35mins later, your heart and lungs were too strong and you were still alive...a second needle helped you over the Bridge, peacefully.
There was soo much that was just all about you being here in my life...and a huge hole has opened up.
I hope you are now gambolling around the paddock happy and pain free.
RIP - Shezeilson Major Blue Chip (Chippy)
Born 13/12/1993 - Died 20/11/2005

2005 Year So Far

29th April 2005
Mum Lost her battle with life, and won everlasting peace with God.
Please excuse me for going into some detail...I am finding it is helping me to remember and do this.
She was was only 59yo, far too young to have died, but also I would never have wanted her to live in pain and discomfort. I am numb, grief stricken, happy she isn't in pain and discomfort, and feeling immensely lost. I have been living in the hospital with Mum since Tuesday. She rallied for awhile, and had me write down some important messages for the family and close friends. After much debate, Mum decided to be moved for a 3rd time, this time to a hospice on a different campus a small distance away, so she could have her dog (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) come in to visit her, as she missed Charlie A LOT!! Thursday morning was the time for the move, and I left to go and wash the dog for his visit to see his mistress. I met Dad at their house, and then continued to the dog wash and fixed Charlie up. Dad and I then had lunch together and headed to the hostel, where Mum had been transferred to. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, Mum was too asleep to really recognize us or the dog, tho we do feel she recognized he was there for her.
Mum was also to never be completely conscious and able to communicate clearly with us again.
By 1am his morning, Mum was unconscious...4am I heard her and watched her, struggling with flem ect in her throat. The nurses where called to make her more comfortable and to give her something to clear it up again and they also checked her oxygen levels and noted she was falling in levels, tho not drastically...they again said Mum wasn't aware of the discomfort, but it was very distressing to me and my cousin that was with me, tho we did a great job in making sure we didn't show Mum our distress...I never broke down in front of her.
I couldn't go back and rest, so I sat up on the cot and listened to Mum, checking on her often. Mum's oncologist came in to check on her around 7.30am, and confirmed that he thought Mum would pass away some time today, possibly this afternoon. Shortly after that, we noted that Mum's breathing changed and was quieter...we again rang for the nurse, and I noticed her breathing was having large periods of non-breathing. My cousin went out to find the nurses (they hadn't responded as yet) and ask them to come and check Mum. I knew she was going, and wasn't likely to take another breath. The nurse confirmed my worst fears and my hopes for Mum, that she had gone into raspatory arrest and the heart would stop soon. My gorgeous Mother, Angela Riddle, died 7.55am 29th April. Ironically, this is also the next eldest sisters' birthday today.
My Mum has struggled against health concerns for most of her life, but was always an extremely generous, giving and selfless person to another in need. Mum and Dad had taken in many children as Foster kids as I and my brother grew up, and our house was always open to anyone. As a teenager, I would get eternally embarrassed by Mum stopping at bus stops to ask the elderly if they needed a lift when she knew the bus had been past already...or she would find a lost looking soul or friend she hadn't caught up with in a while, and would stand there chatting and trying to solve their problems.
We had our arguments and disagreed on some areas (she feels my cats are an unsay drain on finances! LOL) but she was my friend, my Mother and a beautiful person inside and out. Mum and Dad had just celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary on Australia Day this year. Dad is coping at the moment...but hearing Mum answering the machine tears me up inside when I ring their home number.
The funeral is expected to be held on Thursday the 5th May. A private burial will follow the service.
Fly free and without pain, my Angel
I will miss you forever

Hugs and Kitty Kisses,

25th April 2005
We started out the show year promisingly, but have decided for personal reason that I will go into soon, that we will not be showing at the moment.
Tragically, my wonderful Mother looks to be fast losing her battle aginst lung cancer. It was only diagnosed in August 2004 and she had an unsuccessful operation to remove the tumour at this time. She went onto have chemo and radiation theraphy with some success till now.
Mum was admitted to hospital just over a week ago to be treated for pnemonia and it has become apparent that the cancer has also spread. She now has dementia-like symptoms as well as being very weak and not eating well, either. Mum's dearest wish was to reach her 60th Birthday on 27th June...it looks very unlikely this will happen.
We ask for your patience and understanding in responses to emails ect due to this distressing time.

CAV Country & Western Show 29th June '03

Furrballz Ragdolls proudly announce the FANTASTIC result of Furrballz Batchelor Boy winning Best Ragdoll, Best Kitten in Group AND Best Group One Exhibit under Sandra Perry (NZ)!!! This kitten is only 4mths old at the time of this show, and I am PROUD as punch to have bred a in Group winner!! We think this boy has a fantastic future, as the quality of the exhibits was fantastic, and I still cant beleive that he won against some exquisite adults. kittens and Neuters!

Bitz did herself and us, proud today with being her usual consistant self on the show-bench. Bitz received Reserve Adult in Group 4 in BOTH rings today! As she is Sean's cat...he is very proud of her!

Wrap-Up of 2003 Show Season

This past show season culminated for us in the wonderful results of Bitz (Desexed Part-bred Ragdoll) winning Group Four Adult in the Cat of the Year for CAV...

And Furrballz Batchelor Boy receiving Runner-Up Kitten in Group One on his points for the year!

Batchelor Boy and Oze Younglove both have thier first points towards their Champion status' and are expected to have their first titles early in the coming show year!

Oze Younglove (Jacob) will soon be winging his way over to England to join his owners who have been supremely patient with waiting for the quarrantine period here in Australia to be complete. We are now just awaiting for his title to be complete, then he will be leaving us for London!

We shall miss him...but we know he is going to be doted on in his new home as a spoilt pet and occasional show cat!


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