Melbourne Royal Show 2007 - 2009 Melbourne Royal Show 2007 - 2009 Peter and Terri-Ann Doing Presentation With Furrballz Batchelor Boy 2007 During Pat-a-cat we were called on a few times to do a short talk on the Wonderful World of Pets stage, on cats and cat care. In this one we are talking about our gorgeous Ragdolls with Batch 15006259 Flat out working! Furrballz Batchelor Boy with some of his adoring fans! 2007 15006339 Taylah-Ann with Batchelor Boy 2007 Again..Batch is flat out working the fans! This time with our daughter, Taylah-Ann 15006340 Is he stuffed?? Dom the Domestic, our gorgeous Domestic show neuter...asleep on top of the scratching post. 2007 15006260 Hard work for some! Dom can sleep ANYWHERE!! lol 2007 15006341 Is he real?? This is a common question we get asked by people amazed at the calmness our cats exhibit at the pat-a-cat stand 2007 15006342 Yup! He is awake!! Dom looks very pleased with himself! 2007 15006343 Awwwwww! Dom with some of his adoring public 2007 15006361 Dom up to his old tricks! Dom returned in 2008 and went straight back into his usual position!! lol 57517510 Terri-Ann & Batchelor Boy 2008 57517511 Batch and Dom Batchelor Boy and Dom with their adoring public 2008 57517512 Gremlin and Batch Hmmm...makes a nice cushion! ...thinks our Red Devon boy while sitting on Batchelor Boy! lol 2008 57517513 Dom...asleep again!! his usual position!! lol 2008 57517514 Mia our Devon Rex 2008 57517515 Batch and Dom 2008 57517516 Terri-Ann, Peter & Lailah 2009 Here we are being interviewed on Nova Radio during the Royal Show 2009 57517518 Gremlin & Lailah 2009 Gremlin and Lailah keeping warm together 2009 57517517 Lailah Playing 2009 57517519 Terri-Ann & Lailah Terri-Ann giving the talk on stage about the different breeds and their differences 2009 57517520 Lailah meeting & greeting Lailah being greeted by an excited girl at the Royal 2009 57517521