Furrballz Ragdolls (Est. 1998)

Breeding for Health, Temperament and Size


From time to time, due to the changing nature of breeding and developing our breeding program, we may have some young Breeding cats that we have bred and had a litter or two with, that could be suitable to re-home with an approved Registered Breeder as an on-going Breeding cat to add to that Breeders program, under the STRICT condition that they will not be 'on-sold' entire, but will be desexed and retired once their breeding time is finished.

This page has been created to showcase those cats we believe still have something to offer the breed in their continuation as a Breeding cat, under certain agreements with us only tho, as the original Breeder

We will only allow cats to go to a Registered Breeder that is as strict on desexing ALL Pet kittens and Retirees as we do, before re-homing. 

This means EVERY kitten that is to leave that home to anyone except to an approved Registered Breeder with the same ethics.


Please contact us directly to see what we may have coming up available, thankyou!


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