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Furrballz Ragdolls take breeding our cats and kittens very seriously and do guarantee our cats and kittens against genetic defects for their life. (Conditions do apply) We also offer a FREE 6week vet health insurance on purchase of your loved bundle of fluff, as well as asking the purchaser to keep in touch if any health issues arise so we can help with either advice or vet assistance thru our chosen vet (applicable in Victoria, Interstate & o/seas purchasers will need to come to a mutual agreement with us, should this arise)
Our (and many other breeders) Policy is that WE DO NOT GIVE CASH REFUNDS and until now, we have verbally mentioned all of this written on this section, to every purchaser.
IF you have any queries, please contact us and we would be happy to chat with you about our policies and terms.

Furrballz very first Ragdoll litter January 2001



~Author Unknown~


I breed Cats - Not dogs, Not Mice, Not Rabbits - Cats.

I am a cat breeder; not a pet store. I can not guarantee having a kitten of a specific color or sex available on demand. Those kittens listed on my website or that I tell you I have available are what I have. Just because you decided today that you want a kitten does not mean that I have one available for you to take home today.

I am a cat breeder. I am not a travelling sales man I will not bring a selection of kittens to your home for you to look over; if I have kittens available then you may make an appointment to come and view them. All kittens marked as reserved on my site or I say are not available are not available. The age and availability dates that I list on my site are NON negotiable; I will not sell a kitten before I feel that it is ready to go to it's new home.

I am a cat breeder. I am not a bargain basement clearance store if you are looking for a kitten at a bargain rate; keep looking but you will not find it here. Every kitten that I have is raised with all the loving attention that I can give it, have spent many many hours cleaning litter boxes, feeding, watering and worrying over each and every one.

I am a cat breeder. I spend hours on the phone, the internet and in person answering the questions of each prospective buyer. I answer the same questions time after time, even though that information is clearly listed on my website. I answer the questions and put up with the rude behavior of buyers who are upset that they can't get what they want when they want it.

I am a cat breeder. I spend countless hours learning more about how to raise kittens better and more about my specific breed. I spend enormous amounts of money at the vets and buying cat related supplies such as litter and food. IF you broke down what I bring in on each kitten as "profit" I would be making pennies per hour.

I am a cat breeder. I spend much money, many hours preparing for, travelling to and attending cat shows. And am thrilled to bring home a two dollar rosette. I enjoy the camaraderie of other breeders and admire their cats even when their cat beats mine.

I am a cat breeder and I Love My Cats.


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Furrballz Ragdolls are extremely proud to be a part of a new resource for Ragdoll enthusiasts and Buyers.
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We have been accepted to be listed as recommended Breeders on this list, and have to agree to stay within some strict guidelines to continue to enjoy this privelidge. In our opinion, they are not any harsher than what a registered breeder already has to agree to under their Cat Council's rules and regulations.
In this site, you will find comprehensive information and articles about the Ragdoll cat in Australia and New Zealand.
We know you you will enjoy this site as much as we do!

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