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Australian Breeding/Showing Associations

Cats Victoria Incorporated - The home Website for Cats Victoria Incorporated (CVI), which is the Registry Association we are proudly members of. You will find our Show Calendar, Links to Breeders and Membership forms amongst other interesting information.

http://www.acf.asn.au/ - Website for The Australian Cat Federation Inc, formed in 1972, is an Australia wide, recommendatory body with affiliates in five States and in the Northern Territory. It is also the 'umbrella' that The Cat Authority of Australia is under.

http://cccofa.asn.au/ - Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia (CCCofA), The other main registering body for breeding and showing thru Australia.


Cat Related Links

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AustraliasianRagdollBreeders/ - Ragdoll based email group I started for any breeders and/or Ragdoll enthusiasts to come and chat about this wonderful breed as well as ask questions and gain further knowledge from each other.

http://www.floppycats.com/a-ragdoll-kitten-care-guide-bringing-your-ragdoll-kitten-home.html - Excellent Ebook written by a fellow Ragdoll enthusiast! Available thru this website for purchase.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/floppycats - Another Ragdoll based email group that bring Ragdoll lovers together to chat about these gorgeous creatures!

http://www.floppycats.com - A wonderful site that is full of all sorts of interesting facts about Ragdolls. Well worth the visit if you are considering a Ragdoll addition to your home, or if you just love looking thru Ragdoll sites!

http://www.cat-world.com/ - Fantastic Australian site that has discussion forums, For Sale and Wanted, HEAPS of articles and tips, links to all sorts of cat related sites, including breeders...great for the cat breeder AND cat lover!!

http://www.catsofaustralia.com/ - Australian cat site that has For Sale and Wanted, discussion boards, links to breeders around the world, ect. Again, another one for ALL cat lovers and breeders alike!

http://www.petlink.com.au/ - Australian pet site with some sale boards ect.

http://www.ozpets.com.au - Australian Pet site...HEAPS of info and links to all things four footed...NOT just cats!!

http://www.catmatch.com.au/ - Australian Cat site that is helping reduce the number of dumped and unwanted animals by helping you 'match' with your purr-fect feline!!

http://www.ragdollcats.biz  - RAGANZ - Ragdolls in Australia and New Zealand. This website has been developed to help you find information about the Ragdoll Cat,  responsible breeders, kittens available, articles and much more about the Ragdoll Cat throughout our region.                                                                       

http://www.allcreaturesairroad.com.au - Professional pet transporter that we use and recommend for any and all animal movements inside and outside of Australia!

Kittensforadoption.us - Free kitten and cat classifieds


www.mypets.net.au The complete guide to Pets, with pet types, breed information, pet health and care and an online community.



Other Personal Fav's

http://www.grv.org.au/adoption/adoption.php - Link to Victoria's Greyhound Adoption Program. Save an ex-racing dog from an uncertain future...Adopt a Greyhound! IF you are looking for a TERRIFIC pet that is low maintanence and easy to live with, we can HIGHLY recommend this breed! We have 2!!

https://www.freewebs.com/greyhoundsafetynet/index.htm - A Victorian based Non-Profit organisation that endeavours to rehabilitate and prepare ex-racing Greyhounds to live the life of a Pet on someones' couch that may not have got this chance without this wonderful group!!

http://search.ebay.com.au/_W0QQsassZfurrballzau - Link to my Ebay listings...sometimes they are Cat Related!!

Mourning Mummies -
is an online support group, supporting those who have lost or are facing the loss of a baby to Anencephaly.

Jame's Hope - *Coming soon*...my story on pregnancy loss and my experience with having an Anencephalic baby.

Jessica's Journey - One Family and Mothers experiences with having carried an Anencephalic baby to term.

SoulCysters - Support group and info site for women that have or looking for info on Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

HysterSisters - Info and Support Group for women that have had, or considering having a hysterectomy.

LowCarbFriends - Wonderful website that has all things low-carb in it including receipes, chat room, Bulletin Boards and more.

PictureOfHealth - Australian website that is support and info for all sorts of Low-Carb things.

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