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Breeding for Health, Temperament and Size

Our Litters in 2005 - 2007

Kare's Litter-DOB 22/04/07 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes from 15/07/07)

Our gorgeous NZ Imported girl had a good break of 12mths before getting pregnant with this litter. Unfortunately the anticipated litter wasn't all we hoped for. Kare went into labour on the Sunday in the early evening and had 4 babies, one of which was still-born and obviously premature. One of the remaining 3 seemed pretty vigerous, and the other 2 live ones also looked premature. With kittens as they are such a short gestation in comparison to humans, this is very serious and can be life threatening. Unfortunately for these 2 little ones, it proved too much for their systems to be born this early, even tho I tube fed them around the clock, and they succumbed within 48hrs of birth. Kare did have another 2 kittens early the next morning after the birth of these ones, but sadly, they were still-born.
The drama didnt end with this either as the remaining boy that was feeding from Mum started losing weight and Kare lost all of her milk due to only having one kitten. Luckily a friend had a girl give birth a week after he was born, and she has accepted him as her own. he is a Blue bi-colour and doing fantastically with his British Shorthair foster family! More pics on him will come as I can get them from his foster family. He is already sold.
Charisma's Litter-DOB 06/04/07 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes from 29/06/07)

Charisma is doing her usual fantastic job with her latest litter for us. She is raising 2 boys and 2 girls after being mated to our friend from Dandy Ragdolls' Red Point boy, Murphy.
Pics below

Seal Point Boy green band             Seal Point Boy no band
      SOLD                   SOLD

Blue Tortie Pt Girl purple band          Blue Tortie Pt Girl no collar
SOLD                        SOLD
Angel's Litter-DOB 30/03/07 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes from 22/06/07)

Our gorgeous Furrballz bred girl, Angel (one of Pip's daughters and a full sister to Princess) has done herself and Connor our Seal Mitt boy, proud by giving birth to her first litter of babies. She has surprised us all with producing SEVEN cute little 'Cottonbuds' as a friend called them when seeing them for the first time as tiny babies. There was a struggle with one baby that inhaled before it was clear of the sac, and although we tried to clear his airways for a few hours, he didnt survive.

I think I have an idea on colours and patterns of these kittens now, although it will become alot clearer and definate as they get older. New Pics Below.
Female Seal Point, no collar               Female Seal Point, orange collar
      SOLD                     SOLD

Male Seal Point green collar                 Male Seal Point
       SOLD                  SOLD                                                                                      

Male Seal Mitt with Blaze            Male Seal Mitt with Blaze
      SOLD                 SOLD
Pip's Litter-DOB 22/03/07 *SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes from 14/06/07)

Pip was mated to our new boy, Bluey our Blue Bi-colour, and they have had their first litter (tho Pips' last litter) together.
Pip will be re-homed around the same time as the kittens leave, and has a lovely home organized to go to on her retirement.
Pip has given birth to 3 lovely kittens, all Seal Bi-colours! 1 boy and 2 girls. One of the girls is substantially smaller than the others, but seemed extremely feisty and alert. I can only assume she was 'fertilised' last as she also has very pink skin and not as much fur at this point, as her big brothers. She unfortunately didn't make it and passed away at 3wks of age. More bad luck with Pip's last litter with the Boy in this litter also shocked us with not surviving, and passing away within days of his little sister, even tho he was the largest and feistiest of the 2 of the remaining kittens. An autopsy didn't reveal anything conclusive with either of these kittens.
So now Pip is raising one little Seal Bi-colour girl who has alot of purrsonality and loves cuddles. She has had alot of interest in her!

**UPDATE 14/07/07** Although this little girl is stable, we have made the decision that she will not be available to a new home until a constipation issue has been resolved completely, if it can be. All thru this trying time under veterinary care and guidance, she has stayed a lovely happy little girl that loves the cuddles and playing all the time. We are concerned for her long-term possibilities due to this issue still being a problem, regardless of all of the care she has received. We will update this space regularly about her.
**UPDATE 03/08/07**Little 'Curdy' as we call her, is doing sooo much better than we had allowed ourselves to hope for! This past week or so she hasnt needed to be contained due to her being a little 'dirty' around her backend and has been sleeping with all of us in bed, interacting with everyone that lives in the house, with NO SIGN of her previous constipation problems!! The vet had mentioned that she might grow out of it, and after alot of expense and care...visits and stays with the vet...it appears that this was the correct way of thinking! Curdy is a little purrbucket that loves being around everyone. Altho she will need some extra attention and careful watching due to having this issue as a young kitten, we are confident enough to start allowing interests in her to be expressed.

**'Curdy' has found her purrever home and is settling in well. Thankyou for all the enquiries about this girl**

                                           Seal Bi-colour Girl - SOLD
Missy's Litter-DOB 20/03/07 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes from 12/06/07)

Missy has once again produced some lovely babies for us here at Furrballz Ragdolls. SEVEN of them!! This was from another mating with kind regards to Sandy of Dandy Ragdolls, using Murphy, her gorgeous Red Point boy!
This time she was a little careless with her precious ones and unfortunately suffocated 2 babies, one each on the first 2 nights, leaving her with 5.
At the desexing on the 7th of June, the vet surprised us with correcting 2 of our kittens sexes!! I havent been THIS bad in sexing a cat in years! lol The Seal Mitt with a blaze and the Blue Point are both boys, Not girls....tho I think they are too pretty to be boys tho!! hehehe

     Male Red Point              Male Seal Mitt with Blaze
SOLD                                 SOLD

     Male Blue Mitt                 Male Blue Point
    SOLD              SOLD

 Female Seal Tortie Point
Princess's Litter-DOB 24/01/07 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes from 18/04/07)
Princess was mated again to our gorgeous Connor and has graced us with a lovely small litter of 3.
2 Boys and a girl. She is doing her usual fantastic job and we have fat little cherubs!!
Unfortunately the Blue Point boy passed away at 5wks of age due to suspected heart murmur.

                   Blue Mitt Boy SOLD

Seal Mitt with Blaze Girl

Stumpy's FINAL Litter-DOB 14/12/06  *ALL SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes from 08/03/07)

Stumpy has finally had her last litter for us here a Furrballz. Mixed emotions for us here, as Stumpy was our first Ragdoll to own and breed with. She is the Matriach of our breeding program and I am her 'person'.
Once these kittens have been weaned, Stumpy will be desexed along with them and will enjoy her retirement with us as my greet and meet and 'bed warmer' Ragdoll.
In this litter Stumpy has produced 3 girls and her 2nd only ever boy!
Proud Father is Dandy Ragdolls Cream Point, Murphy. possible colours are Cream, blue and Blue/cream. All will be Pointed.
Sadly one of the girls died soon after birth as she had a severe curvature of the spine and her belly had not completely closed during development. We do not beleive this is a genetic fault, but more to do with Stumpys' age and the 'viability' of her eggs...another good reason this is her last litter.
We are retaining the best girl from this litter to have Stumpy's legacy live on in our cattery.

The colours are now clear and we have a surprising litter!! All are points, but we didnt expect to get seal from this mating!!
We have a Seal Point boy (SOLD) and a Seal tortie girl (AVAILABLE) as well as a Blue Cream girl (RETAINING)

Charisma's Litter-DOB 14/10/06 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes from 06/01/07)

On the evening of my Birthday, I was pleasantly surprised by Charisma giving birth to four healthy kittens. 1 boy and 3 girls. This is the first litter of kittens that I have ever had born on my Birthday!
Charisma is doing her usual great job with the babies and they are thriving!! Proud Father is our gorgeous Connor!
Pictires of the babies are at 1.5wks old and 7wks old.

Blue Mitt Girl - SOLD

Blue Point Girl - SOLD

Seal Mitt Girl - Sold

Seal point Boy - Sold
Stumpy's Litter-DOB 15/04/06 *N/A*

Stumpy has completed this first part of the 2006 breeding season for us with an uneasy night, as she showed all the signs of being in labour, but not producing anything till 9.30am this morning. A few hours later, I was concerned she had more in there than the 1 girl she had produced, and we went off to the vet to double check with an x-ray and professional opinion.
We do have just the one kitten, and luckily for Stumpy, it is a girl, so Stumpy can retire and be my bed-cat/companion once she has raised this precious little bundle. The little girl is quite large (as you would expect of a single kitten litter) and has a very funky ridge of hair running down her nose, kind of like a mohawk!lol  Hopefully this will change as she grows so she can be shown.
Sadly this little girl took a turn for the worse after she was 1 week old. She started losing weight and acting unlike any 'normal' kitten of her age. Dispite all of our interventions and supplimentary feeding, we sadly had to put this gorgeous Seal Point girl to sleep on my Mothers 1st Anniversary of her death, April 29th.
The vet confirmed our fears, we beleive she received brain damage during the prolonged birth from lack of oxygen. Stumpy is doing fine and we will be attempting one final litter with her to run on another Stumpy daughter for our breeding program. 
Here is a final pic of the little girl taken a few days before she was put to sleep...she is with Stumpy and Dom, our Domestic kitten...

Kare's Litter-DOB 08/04/06 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes from 30/06/06)

Another busy weekend for us! We woke up the day after Missy's birth to discover that Kare had delivered 4 healthy babies! 2 girls and 2 boys. There looks to be mainly seal in this litter at this point, and one is definitely a miss-marked bi-colour as one ear is completely white, while the other has colour showing. She is doing a wonderful job with her babies.


Recent pics and descriptions below....

Seal Bi-Colour Male - SOLD

Blue Point Boy - Sold to a show home in Sth Australia

Seal Point Female - Retaining for show/breeding

Seal Bi-Colour Girl - SOLD
Missy's Litter-DOB 07/04/06 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes from 30/06/06)

At last! A long awaited birth for us, one we have been planning since this girl came to us. Thanks to our good friend and mentor, we have been able to use her Stud, Monty. Missy surprised us with birthing 6 gorgeous kittens, but unfortunately sat on one of the girls during the night, sadly suffocating her.
We are relatively sure there are 3 girls and 2 boys surviving...tho the 'sex-change fairy' may still visit! lol

As of the 15th April, We are pretty confident that one of the boys is a RED!! We are very excited to see how he develops!

Recent Pics and Colours Below...

Blue Point Girl - SOLD

Blue Mitt Boy - SOLD

Red Point Boy - SOLD

Seal Point Girl - SOLD

Seal Tortie Mitt Girl - SOLD

Charisma's Litter-DOB 28/03/06 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes from 20/06/06)

One weeks' break...and MORE babies born! LOL Charisma has STUNNED us all by giving birth to SEVEN healthy babies! There are 5 girls and 2 boys in this litter and like Princess, the Father is Connor. Colours and patterns are listed along with recent pics below...

Colours and patterns are listed along with pics below...

Blue Mitt Girl - SOLD

Seal Point Girl - SOLD

Blue Point Boy - SOLD

Seal Point Girl - SOLD

Blue Mitt Girl - SOLD

Seal Point Girl -SOLD

Seal Mitt Boy - SOLD

Princess's Litter-DOB 21/03/06 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes from 13/06/06)

Princess has again done us and her self proud, easily giving birth to 6 gorgeous kittens, 3 girls and 3 boys, although one of the boys was HUGE and sadly stillborn, even tho I did my best to revive him at birth.
Father of this litter is our Stud Connor, and the colours ect are listed below the pictures.

We are now confident to list the colours and sexes of Princess' kittens.
There is a Seal Point in a boy and a girl, Two Blue mitt girls, one with a blaze, and a boy Blue mitt.

Sadly, the Seal Point girl and the Blue Mitt Boy passed away from a bowel infection on the 23rd and 25th of April. Autopsy results confirmed the presence of the infection and possible pneumonia that was internal with no external signs. The remaining 3 babies are doing well after being treated for the infection.

Blue Mitt Girl - SOLD

Seal Point Boy - SOLD

Blue Mitt with Blaze Girl - SOLD

Pip's Litter-DOB 09/02/06 *ALL SOLD*
(Gone to their new homes from 05/05/06)

Pip has again graced us with some gorgeous babies! All are Seal Points!!
6 healthy babies were born thru Thursday afternoon 9/2/6. One little one was a little behind,
I supplimented her to give her the best possible chance, and now has caught up and we cant tell the difference! I am pretty sure there is 4 girls and 2 boys.
This is a repeat mating of which Princess was last produced from. Thanks to Karen for the use of her Stud's Services for some of our girls this season! All should be stunners!
Pics to come as soon as I can get this computer re-organised since the computer crash.
Queries welcomed, as always.

Our Original Ragdoll, 'Stumpy' has had her 2nd last litter. 2 Gorgeous girls have been born 1st December '05. Both Girls are Blue Points, like their Mum! One has sold and gone to her new home, the other will be available  after we have completed our move. Pictured below soon after birth and at 4wks old.


Our gorgeous new New Zealand import Blue Bi-colour girl has given birth on the 4th of December '05!!
2 gorgeous babies have been produced,
1 girl (Blue Mitt) and 1 boy (Seal Bi-colour, Died due to heart problem 07/01/06, autopsy showed no genetic involvement).
Stumpy and Kare have chosen to tandem raise their babies in the same box. All Mothers and remaining babies are thriving!! Pictured soon after birth and at 5wks old.


Princess's Litter-DOB 05/11/05 ~ALL SOLD~
(Ready for their new homes from 28/01/06)
Pip's Daughter, our Blue Point, Princess became a proud Mum of 6 babies on Saturday the 5th of November. Sadly One precious baby was Stillborn. It looked like it had tried to breath while still in its sack, and sadly drowned. We tried to revive her, without success. The remaining 5 (all girls!!) are thriving with their very devoted and proud Mum, as seen below at 2wks of age and 9wks of age.

Girl - x1 Seal mitted - SOLD

Girls - x2 Seal Points - BOTH SOLD                              

Girl - x1 Blue Point - SOLD
Girl - x1 Blue mitted with Blaze


Our Litters in 2003 - 2005

Charisma's Litter-DOB 31/10/05
(Ready for their new homes from 21/01/06)
Monday the 31st of October was the day Charisma decided to quietly have her second litter. 4 gorgeous babies were born, safe and sound. All kittens are now sold to great homes. Pics are at 10wks old.

Girl - x1 Seal mitted
Girl - x1 Blue Point - SOLD
Boy - x1 Blue Point - SOLD
Boy - x1 Seal mitted with small snip Blaze - SOLD

Missy's Litter-DOB 08/10/05
(Ready for their new homes from 31/12/05)
On the morning of Saturday the 8th of October, one of our Maiden Queens Missy, who is also our only red series Ragdoll, quietly and confidently gave birth to 5 gorgeous babies. We are excited to see what Conner and this HUGE sooky girl Missy, have produced!
Watch this page for updates on colours and more pics as they grow!

**UPDATE** 25th October - The 'sex-change fairy' has visited and we now have a more accurate idea on colours & sex's of Missy's kittens and have updated accordingly below.

Girl - x2 seal mitts no blaze SOLD
Girl - x1 Seal mitt with blaze - SOLD
Girl - x1 blue mitt no blaze - SOLD
Boy - x1 blue point -SOLD to Show/Breeding home


Pips' Litter-DOB 18/09/05
(Ready for their new homes from 10/12/05)

The Sunday after our daughter turned 6yo, our experienced 'home grown' girl, Pip FINALLY gave birth to 6 healthy babies....we thought she would POP if she didn't soon!!
This is a repeat mating of Pip to Conner, making it the 3rd litter that Conner has sired.
All are thriving under Pips wonderful ministrations and will be available to leave from 12wks onwards, from approx the 11th of December, all going well. Kittens Pictured at 10wks of age.

Girls - 2 x Seal Point -BOTH SOLD
Boys - 2 x Seal Points - BOTH SOLD
Boy - 1 x Seal Mitted no Blaze - SOLD
Boy - 1 x Seal Mitted with Blaze - SOLD


Furrballz Ragdolls are OVER THE MOON to announce the safe arrival of 7 gorgeous Ragdoll kittens to our Seal Point Queen, Furrballz Seal of Love (Pip), on Friday the 18th March '05. A week later, on Thursday the 24th of March, our new Blue Point maiden Queen, Taripta Charisma graced us with the birth of 4 gorgeous babies!!
These are the first litters sired by our gorgeous new Seal Mitt Stud from QLD, Purrdolls Mr Connor, who is a VERY proud Dad!

Sadly, 3 of the above litters born, didnt make it.
A little girl from Pip was humanely put to sleep by our vet on the Wednesday before the second litter was born. An autopsy and following necropsy showed that it was a kidney abnormality that is not genetic, but unfortunate, as the cause of her untimely death. There was nothing we could have done for her *tear*
One of Charisma's kittens, a little boy, died in his sleep on Easter Saturday. He very much resembled a premature kitten in his looks at birth, (as a Queen ovulates from a mating, this can happen at times when the mating is over some time) and even tho we supplimented him with feedings every few hours, he wasnt strong enough to survive *tear*

At the age of 8wks, an unfortunate home accident happened to one of our gorgeous girl kittens from Pip's litter. The seal mitted with a blaze girl was unfortunate to run into the doorway of a closing door, and died shortly after this happened. Accidents like these are extremely rare, but have been known to happen in busy households *tear*
Here at Furrballz we believe in not hiding any of our failures along with our successes, and welcome any queries a prospective owner may have about the future health and vitality of their kitten.
Our vet is always happy to talk to anyone about the health of our cats. Her details are available on request.


Ragdoll kittens born Friday 5th November '04!! Furrballz Seal of Love has had 3 x male Seal kittens (All now sold) and 1 x female Blue kitten (Being Retained for show and breeding purposes) 

Furrballz Cattery are proud to offer for adoption, 3 special British Shorthair Babies.

Ebony (Mum) and babies are thriving and extremely friendly!

All will be sold only as desexed pets or desexed show cats ONLY. (No change in price for a desexed show cat)

Born 23rd September 2004 - Available for their new homes from approx 16th December 2004

1x Blue British Girl - SOLD

2x Black British Boys - SOLD

Grand Ch Kailuv Ina Flash and Ch Furrballz Seal of Love Dec '01 (Pictured) We are pleased to notify you of the safe arrival of FOUR healthy kittens early this morning, Wednesday the 4th February 2004! As Flash is going to be retired soon, this will be one of his last litters.


Unfortunately, this is a painful update on this well expected and hoped for litter... At 2 days old, it was discovered that 3 of the 4 kittens had a congenital defect called cleft palette. This meant that they were unable to suckle effectively, if at all. We were left with no alternative, but to have these gorgeous girls peacefully and humanely put to sleep by our vet. It is beleived that the cause of this abnormality could be directed at some medication the Sire has previously been on, due to a mossiquito allergy on the end of his nose. We do not feel that this is a genetic problem, and the remaining male kitten is thriving with Mum all to himself! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Furrballz Ragdolls are pleased to announce the safe arrival of 2 litters, for a total of Nine kittens. Born 24/02/03 and 04/03/03.

Pip and Flash's Litter...born 24/02/03

  • 1 x Seal Point Female "Furrballz Devil Woman" (SOLD)
  • 1 x Blue Point Male "Furrballz Batechelor Boy" (Retained as a show neuter)
  • 1 x Blue Point Female "Furrballz Lindsay Jane" (SOLD) 
  • 1 x Blue Mitt with a Blaze Male "Furrballz Oze Younglove" (SOLD to the UK!!)
  • 2 x Blue Mitt with a Blaze Females "Furrballz Lamp of Love and Furrballz A Little in Love" (Both SOLD)

Tri Majik and Flash's Litter...born 04/03/03

  • 1 x Blue Point Male "Furrballz In the Night" (SOLD)
  • 1 x Blue Mitt with a Blaze Female (Tiny snip of a Blaze!) "Furrballz Joanna" (SOLD) 
  • 1 x Blue Mitt with a Blaze Female "Furrballz Carrie" (SOLD)

Kitten Owner, Liz, visiting her new baby Furrballz In The Night 'Tribble' (March 2003)

Liz and her hubby Simon are also the proud owners of 'Flash' since his retirement


Recent Photos