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 Minnie's Litter-DOB 15/12/2011 
(12 weeks old around the 10th March 2012)
Minnie and Thief is another anticipated mating for us as Minnie has all of our original lines from Furrballz Ragdolls and we hope the combination of her lines and Thiefs gorgeous USA import lines. We are expecting Mitts and Points in Seal & Blue from this mating.
We are OVER THE MOON to announce that Minnie and her Bubbies are very well !!
We have SIX bouncing bubbies, 4 boys and 2 girls. It is an ENTIRE litter of ALL Seal!! With the boys, we have 1 Seal Point, a Seal Tabby Mitt & 2 Seal Mitts. With the 2 girls, both are mitts, one a Tabby. One girl will be staying here at Furrballz and we have now decided on the Seal Tabby Mitt with Blaze girl.
Pics below were taken not long after birth, 2.5wks old, 5wks and 9wks of age
Tessa's Litter-DOB 14/12/2011  
(12 weeks old around the 10th March 2012)
Tessa & Thief has been another anticipated mating for us. Tessa proudly gave birth to SEVEN bubs, 1 girl and 6 boys!
We have 4 Chocolate Point Boys, a Seal Tabby Point girl and 2 Seal Point Boys.
Pics were taken the day they were born, at 2.5wks old, 5wks and 9wks of age
Opal's Litter-DOB 15/03/11

(Ready for their new homes from 07/06/2011)
 Opal is another of our gorgeous girls we were hoping to retire after this season. I think she has other ideas as ALL of her babies are BOYS!! lol
Thief and her will have Blue kittens in the patterns of Point and mitted and possibly Tabby as well. All four are lovely chubby bubbas and Missy is loving motherhood as usual!
Kittens pictured are at 3, 5 & 15wks of age
 Blue Mitt Boys  

 Blue Mitt (Lynx) Boy - SOLD
  Blue Mitt Boy - SOLD
 Blue Point Boys -  SOLD
Blue Point (Lynx) Boy -  STAYING as a Show Neuter 
Blue Point Boy - SOLD  
Missy's Litter-DOB 13/03/11
*Retaining the ONE Girl*
(Ready for their new homes from 5/06/2011)
This mating was one I was looking forward to from the moment we took on Thief as our future Stud boy! Thief is promising to be a very large cat, and as Missy is one of the largest girls we have had, it only made sense to put the two together!
Missy did have 2 babies in this litter, but sadly, one was stillborn. We are overjoyed to see that the remaining kitten is a girl so we can keep this special mix of bloodlines going.
Missy already has a home to go to once her last mothering duties are done with this special girl !  Photo below was taken at 2wks and 6wks of age
Blue (Tortie?) Point Girl - RETAINING
Tessa's Litter-DOB 10/03/11  
(Ready for their new homes from approx 02/06/2011) 
 Tessa and Roane was a mating I anticipated when I first bought Tessa. Tessa hasnt disappointed us, giving birth to SIX gorgeous babies!
We have 2 boys one each in Point and Bi-colour, and 4 girls, 2 each in Point and Bi-colour! We do have one smaller than average girl that we are closely monitoring, tho at this point, she seems to be vigorous and holding her own against her bigger siblings.
We now know we have 2 Seal Point Girls, 2 Chocolate BiColour Girls and 2 Chocolate Boys, one BiColour and one Point.
We were anticipating keeping a kitten from this litter, either as a show neuter, or as a Breeding girl. Pictures are of the babies at 3, 6 & 16wks of age.
2 Chocolate Bi-Colour Girls - SOLD 
2 Seal Point Girls - SOLD
  1 Chocolate Bi-Colour Boy - SOLD
  1 Chocolate Point Boy - SOLD
Andi's Litter-DOB 27/01/11  
(Ready for their new homes from approx 21/04/2011)
 Furrballz Andromeda was also mated to the Lilac stud, Prince. She looked like she had a HUGE belly on her and I was half expecting/dreading a large litter for her first one. Turns out she was just brewing large bubs! She had 3 gorgeous girls all above average birth weights. As this is a Point to Point mating, there will only be points and can only be Blue or Lilac in tortie or tabby. We are retaining one for our breeding program.
The pics below were taken at the day of Birth, 4wks, 8wks & 12wks of age
  Lilac Point Girl - SOLD
  Blue (Tortie?) Tabby Point Girl - SOLD
 Lilac Tortie Point Girl - RETAINING
Minnie's Litter-DOB 23/01/11  
(Ready for their new homes from approx 17/04/2011)

Furrballz Mintaka's first litter has been much anticipated by us as her Dad was our recent past Stud, Mr Connor. We were lucky enough to have the use of a friends' Stud, the Lilac boy, Prince as well.
Minnie quietly gave birth rather unexpectedly to five babies. One was sadly stillborn and we only saw 3 with her, not realising till the next morning that one of the girls had fallen into the bedding when we changed it. Luckily she wasnt completely cold and was integrated back into the litter, quickly. We have nicknamed her Sadie the cleaning lady! lol Minnie then went onto squishing one of the boys the next day, so sadly, it seems she was determined to raise 3 kittens only.
Sad Update-The little boy started struggling at 5wks of age to retain his weight, even tho we supp fed him for 2wks, a check up at the vet showed nothing definitive, but we chose to give him his wings as he wasnt improving. Failure to thrive was considered his problem. Due to this litter being such a disaster, we are unsure if we are keeping a girl to continue this line.
We have 2 Seal Tabby Pt Girls and a Seal Mitt with Blaze Boy in the litter.
Pics below are taken at the day of birth, the day after birth, at 4wks, 9wks & 13wks of age
 Seal Tabby Pt Girl - SOLD
 Seal Tabby Pt Girl - SOLD
Bella's Litter-DOB 07/01/11  
(Ready for their new homes from approx 01/04/2011)
Bella and Roane had SUCH GORGEOUS babies last year that we thought we would repeat the mating again, and hopefully get a nice Bi-colour girl to run on with as we would like to retire Bella from breeding so she can be a bed buddy!
Bella decided to surprise me tonight by quietly birthing five gorgeous looking babies before I looked in on her late this evening.
We beleive we have 3 Boys and 2 Girls...maybe that Bi-colour girl we want sooo bad will be in there?? **UPDATE** The sex-change fairy DID come and visit this litter and one of the 'boys' is actually a GIRL! So we have 2 boys, one is a Blue Bi-colour and one is Red Point. The 3 girls are 2 Tortie Bi-colours and a Blue Bi-colour
Pics below taken just after birth, hence some muckiness, also at 2wks, 7wks & 15wks of age.
  Blue Bi-Colour Boy - SOLD
  Seal Tortie Bi-Colour Girl - SOLD
  Red Point Boy - SOLD
  Blue Bi-Colour Girl - RETAINING
Dee Dee's Litter-DOB 24/12/10  
(Ready for their new homes from approx 18/03/2011)
We were lucky enough to be allowed to have the use of a friends' stud, Prince who is a Lilac Tabby Point boy.
We eagerly anticipated the birth of these babies, hoping for a girl for our breeding program.
Sadly for us, two gorgeous Boys have been born on Christmas Eve, one Seal and one Blue Point.
**UPDATE** Well, it would appear that BOTH of these kittens are GIRLS!! We are overjoyed to say that we will be keeping the Seal Point girl and desexing Mum
Please find pics below at 11 days old, 4wks & 9wks of age
Blue Point Girl - SOLD 
Seal Point Girl -RETAINING 

Tessa's Litter-DOB 25/10/10  
(Ready for their new homes from approx 17/01/2011) 
  Sire : Cottonwood Manningham
 We have been extremely blessed to welcome into our cattery a gorgeous young Chocolate Point girl, Jarrah Tessa. She came to us already pregnant to a studly Seal Point (carrying chocolate) known as Cougar.
This was Tessa's first pregnancy & she surprised us all by birthing SIX gorgeous and healthy babies all by herself!!
Due to the possibilities of colours, it has taken us the past three weeks to feel relatively confident in saying what the colours are for this litter. We know we have 2 girls and 4 boys. We also feel pretty confident that we have 3 chocolate points and 3 seal points. I each in the girls and 2 of each in the boys.
*UPDATE* 05/01/11 - Sadly at 4wks of age, the litter came down with a virus and we lost the smallest of the 2 Chocolate boys :( pneumonia had developed and despite our best efforts, we and the Vet, couldnt save him. All other kittens in the litter have recovered with no side effects.
We have decided that the two best kittens (the Two Chocolate Points) will both be offered up to approved Registered Breeders.  
If you are interested in one of these precious bubs, please contact Terri-Ann to talk over your options. If you want a particular colour or sex, we will do our best to accommodate, but please know a Breeding/Show home will take precedence occasionally. 
The pictures below are at birth with Mum, 8 days old, 3, 6 & 10 weeks old.                                                        

Pink Band Chocolate Point Girl-RETAINING at this point  
Orange Band Chocolate Point Boy - SOLD
to an Approved Show/Breeding Home
White Band Seal Point Girl - SOLD
Blue Band Seal Point Boy   &   Yellow Band Seal Point Boy
Green Band Chocolate Point Boy -
RIP Little One too good for this world :(
Georgi's Litter-DOB 16/04/10  


(Ready for their new homes from 10/07/2010) 
A much anticipated mating between Georgi and Roane as we continue developing our chocolate and lilac program!
Georgi was HUGE in this pregnancy, and didnt disappoint us with FIVE HUGE babies ranging from 105-135grams!! We have 1 girl that looks to be developing into a Seal Point, (We know know she is a BLUE Point!) which we considered keeping and 4 gorgeous boys. They will all be either Seal, Blue, Lilac or chocolate in Point and Bi-Colour.
7/6/10 - We were very surprised to notice that the Lilac Boy ISNT a Point after all, but is a Bi-colour with a cute little miss-mark of colour like a point, on his nose.
4/7/10 - Hmmm...something in the water with these boys! Our Chocolate 'Point' Boy has also decided that he is a mis-marked Bi-Colour like his Lilac Brother!! Another surprise was that one of the Blue Point Boys and the Girl have got into a bit of a fight, causing one each of their eyes to be caught by a claw. They have been seen and treated by a Vet and we are treating them as directed.  
Pics below were taken on the day of birth, 4, 11 & 13 weeks of age.
 Chocolate Bi-Colour Boy -SOLD
Lilac Bi-Colour (with colour on nose) Boy - SOLD
 Blue Point Boy (With Blue Band) - SOLD
Blue Point Boy (With White Band) SOLD
Blue Point Girl - SOLD
Leilah's Litter-DOB 28/03/10  


(Ready for their new homes from 20/06/2010)
Leilah's first litter & Connor's last litter have produced some lovely
kittens as their joint project! Connor is being desexed and retired shortly. 
We have 3 studly boys and 1 girl.
**SAD UPDATE** The Blue Bi-colour boy sadly died in my arms at only 4 weeks of age. We had noticed that he had lost weight, and altho he was eating independently and we were supplementary feeding him, he took a sudden turn for the worse and died suddenly. We have requested an autopsy for him from our Vet. 
Below is pics of Mum and Bubs at 1 day of age and the babies at 2 & 6 weeks of age. Colours and patterns of the individual babies are below the pics.                     
 Seal Mitt with Blaze Boy - SOLD
 Seal Bi-Colour Boy - SOLD
 Seal Point Girl - SOLD
 Seal Bi-Colour Boy (white on ears) -
 RIP little One

Opal's Litter-DOB 26/01/10
(Ready for their new homes from 20/04/2010)
Opal & Roane have produced 4 gorgeous boys on Australia day! 
A variety of Patterns and colours (as listed below their individual pics) and a very special boy that we have nicknamed Tripod as he has 3 legs due to getting tangled in another kittens umbilical cord soon after birth, starving one of his back legs of the blood supply it needed. He is smaller than the other boys due to this hard start, but other than this, just as healthy and active as the others!
Sad update - The Blue Bi-Colour Boy had suddenly started struggling with maintaining his weight in this past week. We struggled with him to try and get him back up to a good 'fighting' weight, but he didnt seem to be able to gain weight. Sadly, in the early hours of the
 28th of March, we rushed him to the emergency vet clinic, and he was humanely euthanized. A shitty part of breeding :o(((
Happily tho, the other 3 kittens in this litter are thriving and showing their gorgeous purrsonalities more and more each day 
Pics below are at 1,6 and 10 weeks of age.

Seal Bi-Colour Boy (Tripod) - SOLD

Seal Bi-Colour Boy With White Ears - SOLD

Blue Point Boy - SOLD

Blue Bi-Colour Boy - RIP gorgeous Boy

Missy's Litter-DOB 18/01/10
(Ready for their new homes from 12/04/2010)
Our gorgeous girl Missy and our Study Seal Bi-colour Roane, were mated again in the hope that the patterns wouldnt get too mixed up THIS time!! lol
Missy had 6 babies birthed, but sadly one wasnt 'cooked' properley & was stillborn, and the other kitten that didnt make it looks like he was sat on by Mum before I got home. RIP babies. This IS Missy's last litter ans she will be desexed once the kittens are settled.
The remaining 4 babies that Missy has are going strong. We have all gorgeous girls that have their colours and patterns mentioned below their individual pictures. 
At this date (18th March) we are still waiting on the results for the DNA testing. I am becoming more and more smitten with the Seal Tortie BiColour girl. Her looks and type just stand out to me! I am hoping the DNA results come back the way I would like, and she will be a choc carrier! lol
Pics are at 3 & 7 weeks of age.

Seal Tortie Bi-Colour Female -
Now residing at Mewsings Ragdolls WA

Seal Mitt Girl SOLD

Blue/Cream Bi-Colour Girl SOLD

Blue/Cream Point Girl RETAINING
Bella's Litter-DOB 23/12/09

(Ready for their new homes from 17/03/2010)

Bella and Roane were mated again before Roane is retired to a life of gracing someones bed.
Bella quietly gave birth to 5 gorgeous babies, 4 boys and a girl without any assistance from us. All appear to be vigorous and healthy in this early phase, and we have high hopes that Bella's girl will prove to be the girl we have been waiting on to carry on her Parents bloodlines.
We now know that there is a Seal Bi-Colour Girl, 3 Red boys and a Seal Point Boy in this litter.
Individual pics at 3 weeks of age didnt work out unfortunately. We will try again soon!
The Pic below was taken on the day of birth, 3 & 11 weeks of age.

On their day of Birth                                    At 3 weeks old

Red Point Boy (Green Band) - SOLD

Red Bi-Colour Boy (No Band) - SOLD to HONG KONG

Seal Point Boy - SOLD

Seal Bi-Colour Girl - SOLD

Red Point Boy (Blue Band) - SOLD

Dee Dee's Litter-DOB 15/12/09

(Ready for their new homes from 9/03/2010)

Dee Dee and Roane was an anticipated union after the disaster of last season. Dee Dee had 4 bubs, 3 quite small and sadly, a Stillborn bubs in this litter.
There are 2 girls and a boy, and the one surviving boy was discovered to have a cleft lip. He is still thriving at this point as it is on his mouth pad/nose, not in his pallet. This abnormality will be repaired by our Vet at the time of desexing, all going well.
Due to this happening with a repeat mating, Dee Dee will be mated one final time to a totally different Stud next season, and we will hopefully have a good outcome and can keep a girl to run her lines on as her Mum was our NZ Import girl, Kare, now retired.
We do know that we have a Seal Point boy and girl and a mismarked Seal Bi-colour girl.
**UPDATE** - The Seal Bi-Colour is actually a BOY, not a girl as WE thought!! He also sadly has a Grade 4 Heart murmur. This CAN close up by itself
so he could lead a normal life, but there is a chance that it could shorten his life as well. Due to this we are waiting to see how he goes over the next few weeks before making any decisions about him.
His Brother, the Seal Point Boy with the Cleft lip also has a rather unusual abnormality with one of his eyes looking as if it is not developing correctly at this point. Our Vet has mentioned that they believe it could be from the optical nerve not developing correctly, which could cause the eye to be needed to be removed in the future, and that his cleft lip is more extensive to try and repair, so this could leave him open to possible infections. We are also going to allow him to develop more before making a decision on him.
*SAD UPDATE* The little Seal Bi-Colour continued to have heart problems caused by the birth issue of the heart Murmur and we had to make the sad choice to give him his wings so he was no longer struggling.
The Seal Point boy is happy in our home for now and is a cheeky little monkey that brightens up our home.
Pics below were taken at 1, 4, 7 & 13 weeks of age

    1 week old                                    4 weeks old

Seal Point Boy - Available to special home

Seal Bi-Colour Boy - RIP little gorgeous one

Seal Point Girl - SOLD

Indy's Litter-DOB 31/10/09

(Ready for their new homes from 23/01/2010)
Our latest new girl, a gorgeous Blue Mitt that is only a few years old, Indy, surprised us all!! We didnt even think she was pregnant, but in checking the cats tonight and feeding them, Hubby heard the little squeaks of newborns!!!
Connor the Dad, didnt seem to have been fussed about being thrust into the role of midwife to Indy and her and the fat, healthy 3 boys and a girl, were very settled in there with Connor!!
Indy and her babies are going from strength to strength! She has settled well now her and her babies are inside with us, and is proving to be a very protective Mum.
Colours, patterns and sexes are One Seal Mitt girl with a Blaze, One Blue Point Boy, a Blue Mitt Boy and a Seal Mitt Boy with a Blaze.
Pics below were taken at 3 days old, 3, 5, 7 & 11 weeks old.

       Indy & babies at 3 days old

   Indy's babies at 3 days old            and at 3 weeks old

            Indy's babies at 5 weeks old

Seal Mitt with Blaze Boy - SOLD

    Blue Point Boy - SOLD

 Seal Mitt with Blaze Girl - SOLD

      Blue Mitt Boy - SOLD

Angel's Litter-27th October '09

(Ready to leave approx the 19th January 2010)

Angel was mated with Connor for her most likely last litter before being retired.
She woke our son up in the early hours, having already given birth to 4 at that point, and she gave birth to 7 little bubs. Sadly two little ones were still born.
The remaining 5 babies, 3 girls and 2 boys are doing well, and Angel is proving herself a doting Mum as usual.
We have an entire litter of Seals! The 2 Boys are a Mitt with Blaze and a Point, the 3 girls are 2 Mitts, one with a Blaze and a Point girl. We are keeping one of the girls for our breeding program and have made the decision to keep the Seal Mitt with Blaze girl
A STUNNING Seal Point girl is still available, possibly to the right show/breeding home.
The Pics below are at 2 days, 1, 4, 6 & 8 weeks of age.

    Angel's Babies 2 days old         and at 1 week old   

      Angel's babies at 4wks of age

      Angel's babies at 6wks of age

     Seal Mitt with Blaze Boy - SOLD

     Seal Point Boy - SOLD

                      Seal Point Girl -

Seal Mitt with Blaze Girl - BREEDER RETAINING

   Seal Point Girl (Pink Band) - SOLD


Georgi's Litter-6th October '09

(Ready to leave approx the 29th December 2009)

Georgi continues to amaze us! This special girl that is helping our cattery's plans in introducing the Lilac and Chocolate genes into our breeding lines. All resulting babies are Chocolate and Lilac carriers as Georgi is a true Lilac Point.
The mating of Georgi and Connor was agonized over due to the first mating creating a cardiomyopathy kitten
, we went into serious talks with our cat specialist vet who believes the issue we had before may not be genetic. We are still waiting DNA results from the US on the previous litter. NO kitten will leave us unless we have checked it all out completely for issues known to affect cats in general, and the Ragdoll breed specifically.
**UPDATE** The weekend of the 22nd of November, Terri-Ann attended a Feline Health Seminar in Sydney and was able to talk to a Cardiomyopathy specialist. He confirmed our Vets' thoughts with Fozzie Bears early and distressing death from the previous litter was more likely to be congenital and NOT genetic!!
Georgi surprised us again and gave birth to 6 lovely babies, 3 boys and 3 girls!!
**UPDATE**We have decided to keep the Seal Mitt with Blaze girl for our breeding program. Small warning for ALL cat owners. We had a near tragedy with the Blue Mitt with a small Blaze girl from this litter on the evening of the 22nd of December, with her deciding to get herself tangled up in the cat tunnel we had on the top level of their enclosure, to the point of almost choking herself. Luckily we were there and able to get to her in time...but not before a heart stopping time for myself and my husband.
PLEASE be careful with ALL cat toys and use most under human supervision. We will NEVER have another fabric pliable cat tunnel again!!
Pics below were taken at 4 days of age, 3, 7, 9 & 11 weeks of age

Georgi and the 6 babies at 4 days old

Georgi's 3 Girls                              Georgi's 3 Boys

Georgi's 3 Girls (3wks old)       Georgi's 3 Boys (3wks old)

                      Georgi's 6 Kittens (4wks old)

         Georgi's 6 Kittens (7wks old)

   Georgi's 3 Girls (9wks old)              Georgi's 3 Boys (9wks old)

           Blue Mitt Girl with tiny Blaze - SOLD

                Seal Point Boy - SOLD 

         Blue Mitt with Blaze Girl - SOLD

                  Blue Point Boy - SOLD                     

                  Blue Mitt Boy - SOLD

           Seal Mitt Girl - BREEDER RETAINING                                                            


Missy's Litter-26th February '09 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready to leave approx the 21st May 2009)

Missy and Roane's union has also been an anticipated event with us here due to some interesting lines in behind them both. Missy has given birth to 6 gorgeous healthy babies, all weighing 100-115grms each! I have had a quick look at sexes and believe we have 4 girls and 2 boys.
We are hoping to keep a nice girl from this union.
**UPDATE 22nd March** - We sadly lost one of the little girls in Missy's litter soon after birth, and we are concerned over the future of the smallest girl, and will not be taking a deposit on her until she is older and more established. The other kittens are doing very well and are showing interest in food already!
We also believe we have the colours correct on the kittens below, tho the Point/Bi-colour appearance may take us a little longer to be completly sure on. We have listed below what we beleive we have at this point.
**UPDATE 3rd May** - We have had alot of non-cat issues in the past few weeks that have taken our time, hence us not updating as quickly as usual. We also, sadly, lost the smallest of the girls from this litter, even tho we were suppliment feeding and doing all we could to support her. Autopsy results are pending.
The 2 boys and 2 girls remaining are doing very well and are eating well on their own as well as off Mum.

Pics below are at 3, 8 & 12 weeks of age.

Blue/Cream Bi-colour Girl - SOLD  

Red Point Boy - SOLD

Seal Bi-colour Boy - SOLD


Seal Tortie Bi-colour Girl - SOLD

Seal Tortie Bi-colour Girl - Deceased 

Georgi's Litter-27th January '09 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready to leave approx the 21st April 2009)

Georgi is a very special girl to our cattery's plans in introducing the Lilac and Chocolate genes into our breeding plans. All resulting babies are Chocolate and Lilac carriers as Georgi is a true Lilac Point.
The mating of Georgi and Connor was anticipated well before she arrived here to us on lease, via her Breeder and our friend, Liz from
BeThinx Ragdolls in NSW. We were hoping for the melding of the best of two worlds, and we havent been dissapointed sofar! Georgi gave birth to 3 HUGE babies, 2 boys and a girl, all about 40 grams bigger than the average kitten at birth!! She is prooving to be an amazing Mum and has now taken on Dee Dee's remaining boy in with her 3 and has accepted him like he was hers.
We are keeping both of the Seal Mitteds from this litter, the boy will eventually take over his Fathers' Stud duties as our main Stud boy and the girl will be mated to our other Stud, Roane, once she is of age. Both will be extensively shown and are likely to be called 'Miss Piggy' and 'Kermit'. The Blue Point boy is looking like a 'Fozzy Bear' at this time!
**UPDATE 22nd March** - This gorgeous litter that holds alot of our hopes and dreams in it, did have a small set-back when Dee Dee's Seal Point boy was placed in it as he must have been carrying the salmonella issue. Luckily we and our vet jumped on it quickly and all appear to be well and recovered! The 2 Seal Mitts we are retaining for our breeding program are both regaining the weight they lost during this time.
**UPDATE 3rd May** - Very Very sad update for us. Something totally unexpected and shocking for us has happened with one of Georgi's boys. All in this litter are GREAT sizes and appeared as healthy as anything with no discernable health issues, hence our shock at the turn of events. We proudly exhibited this litter at the CAV April show on Sunday the 19th as we were still trying to make a final decision on which of the 2 boys to keep as a future Stud. That night after the show, we noticed that Fozzie Bear our Blue Point boy, was breathing faster than normal. We thought it was stress after the show. He had not changed by the morning, so we raced him to the Vet the next day. Sadly, the Vet visit was too much for him and he went into arrest soon after leaving the surgery. We raced him back to the Vet, who had to continue his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. The Vet did an immeadiate autopsy and it was discovered he had the rare heart condition Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) This is the total opposite of the heart issue that is well known in Ragdolls and there is no known dna test for it at this point.
Because of this problem, we decided to not keep either of the two remaining kittens for breeding, and have had their total check up to be cleared of any issues at this point, as well as desexing, they have been cleared to go to their new home together, soon.
RIP Furrballz Fozzie Bear, you are sadly missed!                                  
Pics below are at birth, 1.5, 7 & 12 weeks of age.

Seal Mitt with Blaze Girl 'Furrballz Miss Piggy' - SOLD    

Seal Mitt with Blaze Boy 'Furrballz Kermit' - SOLD

Blue Point 'Furrballz Fozzie Bear' -
Deceased from Dilated Cardiomyopathy (confirmed by Autopsy)

Dee Dee's Litter-17th January '09 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready to leave approx the 11th April 2009)

Dee Dee and Roane have been a much anticipated union for us. Dee Dee is another cat that is affected by this awful salmonella poisoning from a bad batch of meat from our previous pet food supplier, and even tho she had 6 gorgeous babies, sadly one of them was found to also be affected with a cleft pallet. We are thinking this and Bella's one, could be affected by the salmonella itself, as neither of these girls have ever had this defect born from them before.
As this litter is so new (born today at the time of writing) we have not bothered Mum much to find out the sexes of the babies, and we anticipate both points and Bi-colours in Seal and Blue to become apparent in the next few weeks.
**UPDATE** 24th January - Not a happy update, sadly. Last week, Dee Dee sat on and smothered one of her boys overnight (sometimes Mums can do this) and then 2 days later we lost further 2 kittens unexpectedly for unknown causes. Autopsy was inconclusive.
The 2 remaining kittens of Dee Dees do appear to be thriving and we are keeping a very close eye on them, and we are re-assessing Dee Dees' future as a breeding girl.
**UPDATE** 22nd February - Another sad update. Dee Dee's remaining 2 babies were doing really well, and then it was noted during the normal weigh-in's that the girl was not increasing in weight as she should have been. We commenced suppliment feeding after consultation with our vets, but sadly, she wasnt to be. We are awaiting autopsy results on her. As Dee Dee was losing interest in raising just one baby, her remaining Seal Point boy that is doing very well is now integrated with Georgi's babies that are 10 days younger than him.
**UPDATE 22nd March** - This gorgeous boy did have a small set-back when placed into Georgi's litter as he must have been carrying the salmonella issue. Possibly what killed his unfortunate brothers and sisters. Luckily we and our vet jumped on it quickly and all appear to be well and recovered! This boy did lose some weight with his illness, but is quickly regaining the weight he lost during this time.
Pictured below at 3.5 & 8 weeks of age.

Seal Point Boy - SOLD     

Bella's Litter-12th January '09 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready to leave approx the 6th April 2009)

Roane has been a busy boy! Bella decided to grace us with 6 gorgeous babies on the Monday evening. Sadly, one of the babies was affected with a cleft pallet and was pts the next morning. Unfortunately as she also is a victim of the salmonella poisoning, the birth took alot out of her and we have been back and forth to the vets all week as well as giving her intensive nursing and care here. We are relieved to report that as of today (17th January) Bella is looking alot better. She is a wonderful & devoted Mother to her 5 remaining boys.  Colours and Patterns of these kittens will become apparent over the next few weeks. Possible colours are Seal, Blue and Red in Point and Bi-colour.
Bella is still a little fragile and not looking her best due to the salmonella infection.
**UPDATE** 24th January - Bella is slowly making progress with her struggle against this awful salmonella issue. Sadly tho, her smallest boy in the litter wouldnt grow correctly, despite us suppliment feeding, and passed away this past week. The remaining 4 boys are thriving with their Mums' diligent attention.

**UPDATE** 22nd February -
We now know that Bella's 4 boys are a Blue bi-colour and 3 Reds. We are still not completly sure as to their patterns being pointed or Bi-colour tho, as the Red colouring can take awhile to develop. It does appear that we are getting on top of the salmonella poisoning we have been battling thru some of our cats. The babies certainly dont appear to be affected like a previous litter we had.

**UPDATE** 22nd March - These boys continue to go from strength to strength and are very cheeky little monkeys! LOADS of fun to have around in the house!   
Pics below were taken with the kittens at 4 days, 3.5 & 9 weeks of age.     

Blue Bi-Colour Boy - SOLD

Red boys 3.5wks of age

Red Point Boy - SOLD

Red Point Boy with Purple Band - SOLD

Red Point Boy with Blue Band - SOLD 
Angel's Litter-24th December '08 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready to leave approx the 18th March 2009)

On Christmas Eve, Angel decided to show us what she has been carrying inside her after spending time with Roane. She in her usual fashion, wanted me there with her, cheering her on, and she gave birth to 7 little bubs. Sadly one little boy was still born and had a hole in the stomach, and we have a concern with the smallest girl, which we will watch carefully.
*UPDATE* 03/01/09 - The littlest girl we were concerned about, sadly didnt make it and died at only a few days old, despite us sup feeding...
We do have 3 boys and 2 girls in this litter and the colours and patterns will be points (1 definite in the boys) and Bi-colour in mainly Seal and Blue with some possibly carrying chocolate/lilac.
*UPDATE* 03/01/09 - Angel and her kittens are thriving and looking beautiful! We now know we have all Seal kittens!! 2 points and 3 Bi-Colours, sexes and colours below the pics from 3 weeks of age.
*UPDATE* 22/02/09 - Due to the Victorian Bushfires, and having some very friends involved, including our loved Vet losing her husband on Black Saturday, we have not been updating as often as we normally would. The babies are doing very well and going thru a major growth spurt at the moment!
*UPDATE* 22/03/09 - These babies are doing fantastically now and we are just waiting for desexing dates from our Vet before they are ready to leave for their new homes. 
Pictured below at 1, 3, 6 & 12weeks of age!

Seal Bi-Colour Boy - SOLD

Seal Point Boy - SOLD 

Seal Bi-Colour Girl - RETAINING

 Seal Point Boy with White Band - SOLD as a show/future breeder!

Seal Bi-Colour Girl with Pink Band - SOLD


Opal's Litter-22nd November '08 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready to leave approx the 14th February 2009)
Our new Blue mitt girl was mated to our gorgeous Seal Mitt boy, Connor, and is prooving to be a fantastic Mum to her 5 precious babies!
We have 2 boys and 3 girls and the colours and sexes of the individual kittens are below the older photos
Photos below were taken at 1, 4, 6 & 11 weeks of age.

                      Blue Mitt Boy - SOLD

                    Blue Mitt Girl - SOLD            

                        Seal Mitt Boy - SOLD

                      Seal Mitt Girl - SOLD

       Seal Mitt Girl with Black hair band - SOLD


Princess's Litter-19th October'08 - *ALL SOLD* 
(Ready to leave approx the 24th January 2009)

Princess has been visiting with our new Seal Bi-colour carrying chocolate boy, Roane.
Princess gave birth to SIX healthy kittens on Sunday the 19th of October! We are pretty sure we have 4 boys and 2 girls. Pics below were taken are at a few days old, 2 weeks old and 6wks old.
Sadly at 3weeks of age, the smallest of the boys, one of the Seal Bi-colours, lost his fight. Even tho we fought along with him and where giving him supportive therapy to give him every chance, he just wasnt strong enough for this world. This is one of the hardest things we have to deal with as a Breeder and we weep for every baby that doesnt make it.
This will be Princess' last litter before being desexed and retired from our breeding program.
Please enquire if you are interested in giving our Princess a new bed to lie on!!
Colours and patterns are below the older pictures below.

The Studly Boys -                                      and the Gorgeous Girls -
The kittens pictured below at 6wks of age do have at the time of taking the pics, what is commonly known as 'weaning diarrhea' which accounts for their scruffy appearance. This can occur as their system adjusts to eating solid food from only having Mum's milk. As we do not take ANY chances with our babies, they are under veterinary care and we are following their recommendations. Our experience with this has been that this is a condition that is transient and totally treatable. Once again we assure people that NO cat leaves here until we and the Vet are happy it is totally healthy and ready for their new homes.
**UPDATE 20/12/08**
After a long wait on test results, our Vet has finally received results for what has been ailing these babies.
They have salmonella poisoning, (food poisoning in humans) most likely caused by some bad meat. We are in the process of changing our raw meat supplier and the babies have improved alot already! Due to their illness tho, they will not be desexed until later than planned (15th Jan '09) and will not be available until after they have recovered from this op.
New pics of every kitten at 9 & 12wks of age are below and show the marked improvement they have made! We are looking forward to their continued improvement now they are on the correct antibiotics for this illness.
**UPDATE 03/01/09**
The kittens are going from strength to strength and looking sooo well! We are all happy with them, although the 2 smallest girls may not be available to leave us until early Feb just to ensure their body-weight is where it should be.
**UPDATE 17/01/09**
Again, we are overjoyed that these kittens are going from strength to strength. They were taken to the Vet this past week and vaccinated, microchipped & desexed as well as given a wonderful health clearance! Mum is still suffering from the effects of the Salmonella poisoning tho, and is still receiving care and attention from us & our Vet.
Please feel free to ask any questions about any of our cats.

                           Seal Bi-colour Boy - SOLD

                    Seal Bi-colour Girl - SOLD

                             Seal Point Boy - SOLD

                                   Blue Bi-colour Boy - SOLD

                          Blue Bi-colour Girl - SOLD                


Bella's Litter-15th March '08 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes approx 7th June '08)

This litter of Bella and Connors was highly anticipated by us for a few reasons.
Bella is a Blue Tortie and our first breeding girls' last born daughter to continue the line as Stumpy was desexed over 12mths ago, and it is also Bella's first litter. Bella did herself and us proud by waiting for a decent time, and not too hot day, and gave birth to 6 babies in the space of 2 hrs!
We now know the colours and sexes of all these babies and individual pics are below.
Update 21/05/08-The littlest boy, Blue Mitt with Blaze, had been worrying us as he was not thriving despite supplement force feeding. Sadly, he was found deceased this morning. Autopsy results are pending. Once again we would like to mention that we are more than happy to answer questions regarding the issues we choose to not hide. Kittens are just like us, they get can get sick or have an underlying issue that doesnt become apparent until they are older, and sadly cant always be saved despite our best efforts.
The picture of Mum and bubs was taken not long after birth and the kittens photo's were taken at 2 & 6 weeks of age.

Blue/Cream Point Girl

  Seal Mitt Girl

Seal Tortie Mitt Girl

        Blue Mitt with Blaze Boy       
                                 Deceased :(                                    

Seal Mitt Boy

Red Mitt Boy


Angel's Litter-28th January '08
(Ready for their new homes approx 21st April '08)

Our own Angel was mated to Bluey, just as he made his move to a new home with Tracy of Catsville Ragdolls and Cattery. Angel gave birth to 6 lovely babies, 4 girls and 2 boys on Monday 28th January!
Sadly, one of the boys, the second last to be born, was stillborn and could not be revived. We feel he spent a little too much time in the birth canal and this caused his demise. Another tragedy hit this litter with the remaining boy not thriving, despite our best efforts. Autopsy results on him were inconclusive. The remaining kittens are doing very well, as can be seen below.

ALL kittens born are Seal Points! Pics shown below are at 2 days, 2 weeks and 5 weeks of age.

        Seal Pt Girl (Pink Collar) SOLD

         Seal Pt Girl (Yellow Collar) SOLD

        Seal Pt Girl (Green Collar) SOLD

        Seal Pt Girl (No Collar) SOLD
Princess' Litter- 20th January '08 *ALL SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes approx 12th April '08)

We are pleased to announce the arrival of more babies.
Princess Fiona has given birth to 5 gorgeous kittens. The proud Dad is our wonderful Mr Connor.
We have confirmed that we have 4 boys and 1 girl. We are very sad to mention that we lost the littlest Blue Mitt boy. He just seemed to fade away, regardless of the effort to supplement feeding etc that we put into him. We are awaiting autopsy results on him. We also had the 'Colour change Fairy' visit, and ALL the kittens mentioned below are all Blue, no Seal!
01/04/08-Kittens are just like our children. They can also get sick and need extra nurturing for a time without taking away from their eventual lifespan. In this litter, we have had this happen at 9weeks of age as they have come down with a illness that has them a little worse for wear. Our Vet is guiding the situation carefully along with us and we expect a full recovery soon. *update* The kittens were recovering well under our cat-specialist vet's guidance, but sadly, the smallest Blue Point boy had a complication from trying to fix the diarrhea issue, which caused him to become constipated. Although we were in constant contact with our Vet during this time, this boy had an unforeseen issue of a twisted bowel and died shortly before he could get to the vet. An autopsy result showed that he had a fatal bowel blockage.
We can assure you that NO kitten will leave here until we and our Vet are totally sure they are fully ready and  recovered. Questions are welcomed.
Pics below were taken at 10 days old, 3, 6, 10 and 14 weeks of age.

               Blue Point Boy (Green Band) - SOLD

         Blue Point Girl (Show/Breeding potential!!!) - SOLD

   Blue Mitt with Blaze (& white tip ear) Boy - SOLD

              Blue Point Boy (No Band)
- deceased :(

Dee Dee's Litter-DOB 1/11/07
  **ALL SOLD**
(Ready for their new homes from 24/01/08)

Dee Dee was mated to our gorgeous Seal Mitt Stud Connor. The resulting litter was born on Thursday the 1st of November. She surprised all of us with the ease she gave birth to these babies, tho she did get a little tired for the last few, and I did need to break the sac's so the babies could breathe.
She has had 6 gorgeous babies!! 2 girls and 4 boys!! It can clearly be seen in the pics below, taken only hours after birth, that Dee Dee is a natural Mum!! She is continuing to be a fantastic Mum as well!!
We are expecting Seals and Blues in Points and Mitts in this litter.
Colours are now apparent and are listed below the individual kittens, pictured at birth, 1, 3, 7 and 10 weeks of age.

Blue Mitt Boy (SOLD)

Blue Point Boy (SOLD)

Seal Mitt Boy blue band (SOLD)

Seal Mitt Boy no band (SOLD)

Seal Point Girl no band (SOLD)

Seal Point Girl orange band (SOLD)


Kare's Litter-DOB 13/10/07   *ALL SOLD*
(Ready for their new homes from 5/01/08)

Our NZ import girl, Kare, had been sent to a different boy awhile ago, but as she didnt seem to be very settled there, not to mention he had not produced any kittens before, we didnt think anything had happened. Unfortunately, we have just discovered that we were right...ALL the kittens have shown their true colours...literally!!!
The sire of this litter, is not Roane, a lovely Seal Bi-colour carrying true chocolate (DNA proved), but is our Blue Bi-colour Stud, Bluey. This confusion over the colours is abit embarrassing, but can happen ... especially when I have been stressed over exams...so I do appologise for the confusion.
Kare produced 4 boys and a girl, the day before my Birthday!! She is doing a marvellous job this time around and the babies are lovely plump little kitties!
Photos shown were taken at 1 day old, 2, 6 and 10 weeks old.

Kare and her babies


Blue Bi-colour Boy (SOLD)

Blue Point Boy no band (SOLD) 

Blue Point Boy white band (SOLD)

Blue Bi-colour Boy (SOLD)

Blue Bi-colour Girl (SOLD)
(March'08) This sweet girl broke her back leg after getting it caught on the couch cover when jumping off to get away from the scary vacuum cleaner. She is now fully healed, desexed and now is in her purrever home!


Missy's Litter-DOB 08/09/07 **ALL SOLD**
(Ready for their new homes from 1/12/07)

Connor and Missy have done it again! Another stunning litter produced!
4 gorgeous babies were born from this mating. 3 boys and a girl. Sadly, One of the boys was unexpectedly found deceased, all curled up looking asleep in the corner of the box, at 10days old tho. We sent him for an autopsy and the sad conclusion was that he had inflamed lungs caused by a possible infection. Mum and the remaining Bubs have had a course of antibiotics 'just in case' although the most likely cause is from him inhaling too soon during birth, causing an infection to creep up on him.
Pictures shown are at 3 weeks, 7 weeks (in the deep purple background) 9 weeks and 11 weeks old.


Seal Tortie Mitt with Blaze girl (SOLD)

Red Mitt Boy with green band on neck (SOLD)

Red Mitt Boy (SOLD)


Recent Photos