Furrballz Ragdolls (Est. 1998)

Breeding for Health, Temperament and Size

Buying a Furrballz Cat/Kitten

All our Kittens sold as a pet or as a pet/show cat, are microchipped, desexed and vaccinated before leaving our home, to give YOU, the pet owner the best adjusted kitten possible, with the easiest transition from our home, to yours.

We also include a kitten food & litter pack with an information kit, with every kitten/cat bought thru us and a lifetime gaurantee that we are interested in the kittens growth and progress. If you have ANY problem after taking your kitten home, WE want to know of it. After all...we may have the solution you are looking for!

We prefer our kitten buyers to be as informed as they can be, so we encourage any and all questions from you. We believe that YOU need to be as comfortable with US as we need to be with YOU!

Unlike the dog world, cats can be shown as neuters (desexed) and they are eligable for all prizes any other cat in the show is. If you are interested in possibly showing your new addition, please discuss this possibility with us before falling in love with a particular kitten, as we will want to guide you in choosing the best possible kitten for the show ring. We take care to do all we can in helping out new people to the hobby of showing cats, and we will not knowingly sell you anything that we would not be happy to place on the show bench ourselves.

If after purchasing a kitten/cat from us, you find yourselves in a position of being unable to continue with caring for the cat/kitten, please contact us IMMEADIATELY so we can either take the cat back, or help in the re-homing of the cat, REGARDLESS of the cats age.

As far as we are concerned, when you purchase a cat from us, this does not stop our responsibility for its lifetime happiness and we are always interested in hearing from our furry friends 'parents'.

Pets are for life...not just for a present, Christmas or while they are 'cute'!


Show and Breeding Retirees AVAILABLE!!

Due to the changing nature of our breeding cattery, and the need to keep our numbers small, we will occasionally have ex-breeding and show cats available.
Our usual pre-requisites are still needed (must be committed to love the cat for the rest of its life!) and our usual health and genetic guarantees still stand.
If you see one you are interested in, please contact Terri-Ann and ask!
Price on application.
We currently have TWO Retirees
looking for new homes!
Details below

Our gorgeous and outgoing Furrballz Hotlips is a stunning Seal Tabby Mitt girl at 7 years young and is quite an affectionate and outgoing lady.
Hotlips has given us some stunning babies and is also a Great Great Granddaughter of our first breeding Queen, Stumpy, who is now 19yo!! 
For Hotlips, its now her time to live the life of a loved and pampered pet with her own slaves!!
She is not phased by dogs, other cats or lambs!
M/C #900012000821302
Her cost to help cover her dental and desexing is $300

Furrballz Jack of Hearts is a stunning 18mth old Blue Tabby Point boy that we were going to keep as a Stud for our breeding program. 
Unfortunately for us, Jack has had some allergy issues that has made it clear he is better off as a loved pet that will suit his easygoing and affectionate nature.
M/C #90007900215837
Jack's adoption fee is $600.



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